XceedID Proximity 7410 Clamshell Card-Qty 100


XceedID Proximity 7410 Clamshell Card-Qty 100


XceedID 7410 Clamshell Prox Card is HID-Compatible and comparable to HID 1326 Prox Cards - designed for 125 kHz card readers, including HID models, and features up to 6 read range and a vertical format with top slot. Standard 26-Bit/H10301 Format. (XceedID 7410 Clamshell Card was formerly Schlage SXF7410.)

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XceedID Proximity 7410 Clamshell Card-Qty 100


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XceedID Clamshell Proximity Card 7410 (formerly Schlage SXF7410) is comparable to HID 1326 prox cards. XceedID Clamshell Cards offer similar high quality and standards as cards offered by HID and are compatible with HID and XceedID proximity readers.

A highly durable and cost effective prox credential, the XceedID Clamshell prox card is thicker and more rigid than a typical credit card or ISO compliant access card. The thickness and rigidity make it perfect for harsh environments and high usability.

The 7410 Clamshell card is also easy to carry. It comes with a vertical slot punch allowing it to be clipped to a traditional badge holder or lanyard. Best of all, XceedID 7410 can be personalized with an ID photo and text using a variety of adhesive-backed pvc cards.

Technical Specs
Product Type Proximity Cards
Condition New
Brand No
Warranty Years No
MPN 7410
Discontinued No
Technical Specifications N/A
Card Material PVC
Card Thickness 30 mil
Card Size CR-80
Lamination No Lamination
Card Color(s) No
Item Count Individual
Color No