September 2011 Newsletter Newsletter
Find a Ribbon for Your Printer with Ease
Not sure how to find the right printer ribbon for your ID card printer? With the new Find a Ribbon tool from, we’re taking the guesswork out of determining which consumables are right for your printer. Our easy-to-use ribbon finder makes the entire process of finding printer ribbons more efficient so your ID card program can run smoothly.
To use the ribbon finder, visit the homepage. Select your printer brand from the first drop down menu, and then select your specific printer model. Once you click on the Find My Ribbon button, the ribbon finder will display all the ribbons that are compatible with your printer model. In just three simple steps you’ll have the answers to your printer ribbon questions right at your fingertips.
Standout in September: 10% off ID Accessory Packs
September is the month to make your ID program standout with 10% off all Accessory Packs. ID Accessory Packs come complete with ID badge lanyards, strap clips, and a slot-punch to make securely displaying ID cards and badges easier. Even more exciting, our ID accessory bundles now come in a wide variety of colors so you can find the perfect hue to match your organization.
Best Single-Sided ID Card Systems
Single-sided ID card systems offer efficient and often cost-effective options for producing professional ID cards and badges. With a range of choices available, it’s easy to find a single-sided system that will meet the needs of your business or organization. The Magicard Pronto ID Card System is ideal for entry-level applications. Compact and lightweight, the hand-fed Pronto can be used for desktop use or portable, on-demand printing.
Also from the Magicard family is the Magicard Enduro ID Card System. The Enduro is one of our most popular single-sided ID card printers, and can be used to print employee ID badges, student ID cards, membership and loyalty cards, and more. The Enduro prints full-color, single-sided cards in just 35 seconds. Both the Pronto and the Enduro come with Magicard’s patented HoloKote secure watermark system at no additional cost. The added layer of protection makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit cards, improving your ID card program’s security.
The Fargo DTC1000 Card Printer System offers another efficient single-sided ID card printing system with sophisticated features. The DTC1000 can print on several different card types from thin (10 mil) and standard cards right on up to cards with embedded electronics. For additional flexibility, the Fargo DTC1000 can be upgraded in field at any time for magnetic stripe encoding. All three systems featured here come complete with an ID card printer, ID card software, a photo ID camera, and printing supplies.
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