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  Perks and Rewards of Membership and Loyalty Card Programs

If you looked into any wallet or purse, it would not be surprising to find an assortment of cards beyond a driver’s license and credit cards. Today, our wallets are full of membership and loyalty cards that grant access to gyms and health clubs, allow us to check out books from the library, rent the latest blockbuster movie, and receive special discounts on everyday purchases at the grocery store.

For card-carrying members, membership and loyalty cards often open the door to a wide range of perks and benefits. Membership cards can be used to grant discounts and special offers as well as awarding of rewards points that can eventually be cashed in for use on future purchases. Membership cards can even be integrated with other functions such as access control, an application used frequently to grant admittance to gyms and health clubs, or even cashless payment.

Businesses and organizations that produce membership cards see rewards as well. With a membership card or loyalty program, businesses have a wealth of consumer purchasing information at their fingertips for use when making decisions about what products to stock and designing future marketing strategies and campaigns. Membership cards encourage store loyalty and higher profits. offers a broad range of photo ID systems for printing membership and loyalty cards that come with all the supplies needed to start a successful membership program.

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  Product Spotlight: Dual-Sided ID Systems

Dual-sided printers save both time and money by printing on both sides of an ID card in a single pass. Dual-sided printers offer more flexibility when it comes to design since the card information and design elements on the front and back of ID cards can vary from card to card. At, we carry a wide range of Dual-Sided ID Systems for entry-level applications right on up to systems designed for high-volume, high-security printing. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our most popular dual-sided printing systems:

Magicard Enduro Duo ID Card System - The budget-friendly and compact Magicard Enduro with dual-sided printing is ideal for entry-level applications. With the built-in patented Magicard secure HoloKote watermark system, the Enduro adds another layer of security to each ID card at no additional cost.

Magicard Tango 2e Duplex ID Card System - With the Magicard Tango 2e dual-sided printer professional and secure ID card printing is a breeze. This Magicard printer comes with a Custom HoloKote Key for creating secure watermarks that feature your own logo and text as well as HoloKote Flex that allows you to control the size and positioning of the watermark.

Fargo HDP5000 Duplex ID Card System - Designed with high-volume applications in mind, the Fargo HDP5000 uses high-definition dual-sided printing to quickly produce secure and sophisticated ID cards. The innovative modular design allows for easy in-field upgrades to expand the functionality of the dual-sided printer should the needs of your ID program change.
Logitech C200 Webcam Magicard Pronto Budget ID Card System lMagicard Prima 4 Uno Reverse Transfer Printer Dual Strap Carabiner Ree
  Protect ID Cards with Badge Holders

If you’re looking for a way to securely display your ID cards without punching a hole in the card itself, then consider the huge selection of badge holders at Smart cards and RFID badges, often used for access control, have complex circuitry and embedded technology that can be damaged when using a slot punch. Badge holders protect cards while still prominently displaying the ID badges and allow for easy access when the card needs to be used. carries a wide variety of badge holders. With clear, flexible ID badge holders, ID cards are protected from the elements and ID cards are clearly visible to security personnel. Rigid badge holders are ideal for more rigorous applications and provide a robust method for displaying ID cards to ensure that the card will be less likely to bend or snap in half. Badge holders typically have slot holes or chain holes that make it easy to attach the holder to a lanyard, neck chain or other fastening device.

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