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  Time and Attendance Systems Improve Efficiency

One of the main benefits of ID card programs today is that they help businesses and organizations make everyday operations more efficient. Implementing a time and attendance system eliminates the need for punch cards and other cumbersome paperwork. Files tracking time and attendance can be saved in a database where they are easily accessible whenever they are needed. Time and attendance programs work well in office environments, schools and facilities with visitor management solutions.

With a time and attendance system, employees can simply swipe or scan their card to record their start and stop times. The system helps accurately track, record, and store records. Time and attendance cards can be integrated with existing features including access control, cashless payment and visitor management systems to streamline card functionality.

DiscountID.com has all the supplies needed for starting time and attendance programs. With a wide selection of ID card printers that can be matched to the needs and style of any organization and intuitive tracking software it’s easy to create and customize a time and attendance tracking system. DiscountID.com also offers data capture devices such as magnetic stripe readers and barcode scanners for streamlining the clock-in and clock-out process.

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  Product Spotlight: Magicard Prima 4 Printer

At the top of its game when it comes to security and print quality, the Magicard Prima 4 is a robust ID card printer that produces professional and distinct ID cards. With a unique reverse transfer printing process the Prima 4 series of printers offers high-caliber, high-security printing for employee badges, access control, customer rewards programs and more.

Magicard Prima 4 Uno – The Magicard Prima 4 Uno is an effective solution for producing durable single-sided ID cards and badges. Built with efficiency in mind, the Prima 4 Uno can print single-sided cards at a rate of up to 80 cards per hour.

Magicard Prima 4 Duo – For demanding applications that require high-security ID cards, the Prima 4 Duo uses its reverse transfer printing process to quickly produce high-quality, sturdy dual-sided ID cards well-suited for any number of applications and uses.

Magicard Prima 4 Variations – When additional functionality and security are required, the Prima 4 also comes in single and dual-sided models that are equipped with magnetic stripe encoding and in-line lamination. These optional features help customize the Prima 4 to fit the needs of any business or organization.
Logitech C200 Webcam Magicard Pronto Budget ID Card System lMagicard Prima 4 Uno Reverse Transfer Printer Dual Strap Carabiner Ree
  Easy Access to ID Cards with Badge Reels

If you frequently have to scan or swipe your ID card or badge, it can be a pain to fumble through your wallet or purse to find the card. Badge reels help to efficiently facilitate ID card use when it needs to be swiped through readers or scanners on a daily basis. Badge reels have retractable cords that make it easy to access the ID card for use.

DiscountID.com offers a wide selection of badge reels that come in two different shapes, round and square, and a variety of different materials and colors including solid-colored plastic, translucent plastic and heavy-duty chrome. Badge reels feature findings like strap clips, pins and hooks for easy attachment to clothing. Using slot holes, badge reels can even be used in conjunction with badge holders offering extra protection for your ID card or badge.

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