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DiscountID.com October 2009 Newsletter
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FEATURE: Save time & money with batch ID printing

You may be thinking that you need to have a dual-sided printer in order to print on both sides of your ID cards, but that's not necessarily the case.  In many instances, you can actually save time and money by using a single-sided ID card printer for batch printing.  If the information on the back of your cards is going to be the same for each card, simply pre-print standard information on the backside first using a low-cost black ribbon.  Then you can do a second print run, customizing the front side of your ID cards with personal information, for instance each cardholder's name and photo.

Batch printing with a single-sided card printer is the perfect solution for organizations on a budget.  You'll produce professional looking dual-sided ID cards while saving money with a single-sided printer.  Look through Discount ID's extensive selection of ID card printers and systems to find the ideal fit for your organization.

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SPOTLIGHT: Alpha Card Software

Alpha Card and Alpha Track are the premier software solutions for ID card design and visitor management. Both software suites recently released their latest editions, with upgraded features that make them even more versatile, powerful, and user-friendly for ID programs of all shapes and sizes.

The latest Alpha Card ID Card software release, Alpha Card Light, offers a rich set of features in an affordable, entry-level software package. With Alpha Card Light, it's easy to design professional ID cards with pictures, logos, text, barcodes, and more. Pre-defined templates, automatic image capture, and other intuitive tools simplify the process of designing and printing your cards. The software also includes a standalone database that holds up to 200 records, allowing for fast searches and easy data entry. Alpha Card photo ID software is also available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

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Leading the pack in visitor management software, Alpha Track provides a powerful platform that enables your organization to quickly verify credentials, track visitors and employees, secure your facilities, and create detailed logs and reports. Easy-to-use wizards allow for quick and easy visitor registration, while the included badge design software lets you produce temporary visitor IDs, employee badges, and more.

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REVIEW: Magnetic badge holders

At DiscountID.com, you’ll find a wide range of ways to secure and display your ID cards. One option is magnetic badge holders, which can show off your badge without damaging your clothes.  Magnetic badge holders keep your ID badge attached to your shirt pocket or other area of clothing without pins or clips.  Simply slide the holder into your pocket and your ID locks into place.

Magnetic shielded badge holders are the safer option when using magnetic stripe cards.  These badge holders protect the valuable information on your magnetic stripe card, preventing it from being demagnetized. Magnetic badge holders come in a variety of sizes including those sized for government and military IDs. 

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