November 2011 Newsletter Newsletter
Find a Visitor Management System that Works for You
Remember when visitor management systems consisted of a clipboard, a sign-in sheet, and a pen? Nowadays there are more sophisticated systems for checking in visitors and securing access to facilities at the point of entry. Today’s visitor management systems include ID card printers, visitor management software, and even low-cost alternatives like temporary nametags. You can customize your system to meet the level of security that you require.
If you already own an ID card printer, you can use it to print visitor ID badges. Visitor ID cards are a great solution for any number of applications. For instance, issuing badges in schools makes it easy to keep track of who is on school grounds. By having visitors first register at the school’s front desk, security personnel, faculty, and students will have a better idea of who is wandering around campus.
For those who need to keep detailed records, visitor management software like AlphaTrack is a great option. The software platform provides tools for registering visitors and controlling facility access. With easy-to-use design features, you can create secure visitor ID badges for access control, visitor management, and time and attendance tracking. It’s easy to design a visitor management system to meet your needs.
Free Cleaning Kit with All System Purchases
Give your ID card program a clean slate this fall when you purchase a photo ID system from Now through the end of November, all ID card systems come with a free printer cleaning kit.
Expiring Visitor ID Badges from TEMPbadge
In addition to visitor management cards printed with an ID card printer, you also have temporary and reusable visitor ID badge options with TEMPbadge’s line of expiring ID cards. TEMPbadge offers kits for schools, reusable badges for contractors, and badges for general use purposes.
With the ONEstep TIMEbadge Expiring Visitor ID Badge, you’ll find a temporary solution that works for most applications. The badge expires after one day and comes pre-printed with “VISITOR.” Simply write the visitor’s name on the badge and stick the components together. The badge will be activated and set to expire at the end of 24 hours. This system is ideal for use in areas that have high visitor traffic.
The TIMEbadge SCHOOLBadge ID Badge Kit is designed specifically for use in schools. The words “SCHOOL VISITOR” are printed on the front of the badge, and a green apple appears 24 hours after activation to indicate expiration. Contractors and construction workers can benefit from the VOIDbadge combined with expiring TIMEtokens. This reusable system offers a durable visitor ID solution. The VOIDbadge is made from a bright yellow plastic. The expiring TIMEtokens are placed over the VOID area on the badge. When the TIMEtoken expires, the sticker is removed and the badge can be reused.