August 2011 Newsletter Newsletter
Why go dual-sided?
Why go dual-sided? Besides being double the fun, dual-sided printing offers some decidedly handy benefits. While single-sided printers can still print on each side of the card, duplex printers are specially designed to handle the job of dual-sided printing in a single pass. This makes for more efficient card printing since you can avoid having to manually flip and reload cards in order to print on both sides of an ID badge.
With a dual-sided printer, a whole new realm of card design possibilities is opened up. The design elements and information included on the front and back of each card can be different from card to card, without slowing down the printing process. If your card program needs to include unique information on the back of your cards, then dual-sided printers are the way to go.
Because they are more efficient, dual-sided printers are well-equipped to handle the demands of large scale ID card programs. Duplex printers, from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Fargo, Magicard, and Zebra, are available in basic models right on up to advanced models for ID card programs in need of multifunctional technology.
Shop’s selection of Dual-Sided Printers
Free Camera with Every System Purchase
Make your ID card program picture perfect. Now through the end of August, when you purchase any Photo ID System from you’ll receive the camera for free – a $49 value. Choose from a variety of complete systems featuring printers from industry leading manufacturers including Fargo, Magicard, and Zebra. Visit for complete promotion details.
In-Field Upgradeable Printers
Offering the ultimate solution in ID card printer flexibility, in-field upgradeable printers have the unique ability to be outfitted with extra functionality later on down the road should the needs of your ID card program change. From dual-sided printing, to card encoding, there are a variety of printers available with in-field upgrade options.
Hailing from one of the industry’s top printer manufacturers, both the Magicard Enduro and the Magicard Rio Pro can be outfitted with dual-sided printing with a simple drop-in upgrade kit. This allows any ID card program to smoothly handle printing on both sides of an ID card in a single pass, speeding up production while saving time and resources.
The new line of Fargo DTC printers also offers some innovative choices for in-field upgrades. Depending on the model, the DTC1000, DTC4000, and DTC4500 printers come with upgrade options for dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding, card lamination, and smart card encoding.