All the Printers and Supplies You Need from AlphaCard

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AlphaCard PRO series ID card printers come in three styles, all with built-in AlphaGuard watermark technology for visually secure cards. DiscountID carries all the supplies you need from AlphaCard.

AlphaCard Printers

AlphaCard PRO series ID card printers are designed to give you high quality, visually secure cards without the higher costs or extra materials other printers require. All three models (the PRO 100, PRO 500, and PRO 700) feature built-in AlphaCard watermark technology so you can print a holographic-style design over your finished cards – and with the PRO 700, you can also design your own Custom AlphaGuard at no additional cost!

AlphaCard PRO series printers also include industry-leading manufacturer warranties, Pro-Xchange replacement program, and a free year of AlphaCarePlus service and support.

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AlphaCard Systems

For the easiest printing experience right out of the box, go with a complete AlphaCard ID card system which comes with all the supplies you need to design and print your first cards. And each system includes industry-leading AlphaCard software – AlphaCard ID Suite for PC users, or switch to AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac.

Our systems only include supplies, accessories, and software that is compatible with your printer so you can use everything without any hassle.

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AlphaCard Ribbons

To print your cards, you’ll need an AlphaCard printer ribbon. These ribbons come in a range of formats for single and dual-sided printing in both full color and monochrome. Your AlphaCard printer will use the overcoat panel to print your AlphaGuard watermark design on your cards.

You should only use genuine AlphaCard ribbons with your AlphaCard card printer.

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AlphaCard Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your printer regularly is the key to making sure it works well for years to come – we recommend cleaning your AlphaCard printer every time you change the ribbon. You should only use the manufacturer recommended cleaning kits for your printer to prevent damage to the printer.

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AlphaCard Printer Parts

DiscountID also carries all the printer parts, upgrade kits, and replacement parts you need to keep your AlphaCard PRO series printer running in top shape.

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