Product Spotlight: Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printers

Category: ID Card Printers

did_zebra-zxpseries1_system_2Are you searching for an affordable, efficient, and easy to use ID card printer? We have the printer for you – meet the Zebra ZXP Series 3!

The ZXP Series 3 printer from Zebra is a great option for small ID card programs, from a boutique retail store creating eye-catching loyalty cards to a youth soccer team wanting to create volunteer cards for parent coaches or referees.

What makes the ZXP Series 3 so great is its efficient design. This printer is built to use Zebra’s high-performance ribbons, with a high print yield and easy to install Load-N-Go cartridge design. The printer’s 100 card input hopper allows you to print up to 100 cards per batch before reloading, great for large volunteer events.

In addition, the ZXP Series 3 has optional upgrades so you can customize the printer to meet your organization’s needs, including dual-sided printing and magnetic stripe encoding.

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