We know our customer’s security is a top priority, so here at DiscountID we’ve been working to increase our visitor management offering to better meet your needs. We recently added the new AlphaCard Visitor Pass visitor management software that helps you design visitor badges, easily create visitor records, and track your visitor data!

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Software Editions

AlphaCard Visitor Pass visitor management software comes in three core editions, with two add-on software options.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry – this entry-level software is designed for smaller organizations looking for an efficient and easy-to-use software solution to creating visitor badges and records.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Standard – this mid-level software is designed for organizations that need ability to customize the database and/or manage events with guest lists, but do not need the full range of options in the higher level of software.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure – this is the most advanced version of the software, designed for organizations that need the ability to fully customize the system to their visitor and event needs.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Kiosk – this add-on license (requires a Secure license to work) is designed for self-serve visitor check in desks to help manage multiple entrances or service desks in buildings.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure Client – this add-on license (also requires a Secure license to work) is designed for managing multiple staffed visitor check in desks.

Evolis ID card printers are used by businesses all over the world – in fact, Evolis has now sold 500,000 printers! To celebrate we’ve created special Evolis printer bundles that will save you hundreds!

Shop Evolis Printer Bundles

Evolis Zenius Printer, Ribbon & Software Bundle – includes a Zenius printer, 200-print color ribbon, and cardPresso XS card software.

Evolis Primacy Printer, Ribbon & Software Bundle – includes a Primacy printer (choose from single or dual-sided), 300-print color ribbon, and cardPresso XS card software.

Evolis Avansia Printer, Ribbon, Film & Software Bundle – includes a reverse transfer Avansia printer, 500-print color ribbon, 500-print reverse transfer film, and cardPresso XS card software.

Evolis Promotion Details

This Evolis promotion is valid only for the base printer models without upgrade options. Fire Red color option only on Zenius and Primacy printers. Free color ribbon (and transfer film with Zenius printer) and cardPresso XS edition software only, no substitutions. Offer valid May 1 2018 through June 30 2018 while supplies last. Cannot be combined with other promotions, offers, or discounts.

The key to making your ID cards last longer is to protect them from the sun damage, bending, or scratches that can break or damage a card – and badge holders are just the tools for the job.

Clear Flexible Holders

Clear flexible badge holders are the most common style, so you’ll have the most options with these holders. The clear material makes it easy to see the badge inside the holder. The flexible material won’t protect the card from bending, but will protect it from dirt and scratches.

Shop all clear flexible badge holders.

Colored Flexible Holders

Colored badge holders still have the clear face you need to read a badge, but use colors to make the holders more eye-catching. Many organizations use the different colors to clearly identify different types of card holders to make it easier to spot employees, visitors, guests, etc.

Shop all colored flexible badge holders.

Rigid Holders

Rigid holders are made from stiffer plastic than flexible holders, which allows them to prevent the card from bending and potentially snapping. Rigid holders are available in both clear and colored styles.

Shop all rigid badge holders.

Magnetic Holders

Other badge holders either have slots for attaching to lanyards and reels, or they have a built-in clothing clip. Magnetic holders instead of a magnetic attachment on the back so you can wear the holder like any other magnetic badge or pin.

Shop all magnetic badge holders.

Card Dispensers

If you need to remove cards from their holders for scanning or swiping, a card dispenser-style holder will make it quick and easy to get the card in and out. These rigid holders have specialized slots and sliders for removing the cards.

Shop all card dispenser badge holders.

Never buy card software that doesn’t meet your needs again – download our FREE six week trial of AlphaCard ID Suite or AlphaCard ID Builder so you can try it before you buy!

AlphaCard ID Suite – for PC

Our most popular software, AlphaCard ID Suite is designed for PC (compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10) computers. This free software trial allows you to test out all editions of the software.

AlphaCard ID Suite Light – entry-level with basic card design and database options & a built-in database for 200 records

AlphaCard ID Suite Standard – features a wide range of card design options, can connect an external database, unlimited built-in database

AlphaCard ID Suite Professional – extra security and database features to your program including biometrics, compatible with MS SQL, MySQL, and SQLite databases

AlphaCard ID Suite Elite – most advanced edition, can password protect files, create custom user authorizations, encode MIFARE cards

Download your free software trial.

AlphaCard ID Builder – for Mac

If you have a Mac computer, you’re not left out – DiscountID carries the full line of AlphaCard ID Builder software, designed for Mac OS versions 10.5 and above. This free software trial allows you to test out all editions of the software.

AlphaCard ID Builder Basic – entry-level software, built-in database for 300 records (100 if you store photos), includes pre-designed card templates

AlphaCard ID Builder Standard – for small to mid-sized organizations, unlimited built-in database, can connect an external XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TXT database

AlphaCard ID Builder Professional – image acquisition through SKD, multi-layout card designs, can connect an external MSAccess or SQLite database

AlphaCard ID Builder Elite – most advanced edition, user account management, audit reporting, ODBC connection to an external database

Download your free software trial.

Lanyards are some of our best selling ID accessories because they come in every color and style you could want, are useful for displaying more than just an ID card, and withstand years of use.

Shop Lanyards on DiscountID

Some of our most popular lanyards include:

Lanyard/Reel Combo 5/8” Lanyards – pack of 100, available in eight colors.

Standard 5/8” Flat Ribbed Lanyards – pack of 100 with a swivel hook, choose your color and breakaway option.

Standard 3/8” Flat Braided Lanyards – pack of 100, choose your attachment style, color, and breakaway option.

Standard 1/8” Round Braided Lanyards – pack of 100 with a swivel hook, choose your color and breakaway option.

Fashion 3/8” Rhinestone Lanyards – pack of 10, available in five colors.

Neon Fashion 5/8” Lanyards – pack of 100, available in six neon colors.

Fashion 5/8” Chevron Lanyards – pack of 10, available in four colors.

Don’t see what you want in our most popular list? Shop all ID lanyards on DiscountID.

If you are trying to buy an ID card printer for the first time, the wide range of printer options may be daunting. So why not ask the ID experts at DiscountID for a free printer recommendation?

Just answer three key questions that help us understand your card needs – how many cards you plan to print per year, if you need to print on both sides, and do you need to encode magnetic stripe cards? Then fill in your contact information, and we’ll get back to you with a custom printer recommendation.

Fill out this quick form for your free expert printer recommendation!

To get the best print quality and prevent damage to your ID card printer, you should only use the cards, ribbons, and cleaning kits recommended by the manufacturer. Not sure which supplies work with your printer? Our DiscountID Supply Finder tool is here to help!

Using the Supply Finder takes just seconds, and all you need to do is answer two questions. First, your printer brand; second, your printer model. That’s it!

If you aren’t sure which printer you have, the brand and model is usually on the front of the printer or the serial number on the bottom of the printer.

Try the DiscountID Ribbon & Supply Finder tool.

An ID card printer is the central piece you’ll need to print ID cards for your organization, but it isn’t the ONLY thing you’ll need to get started. Our Complete ID Card Systems have all the supplies you need to help streamline and simplify the process!

What Comes in a Complete ID System?

When you buy an ID card printer, you get just the printer and any power and USB cables it comes with. But what about the blank ID cards, printer ribbon, card design and database software, digital ID camera, and cleaning kit you also need?

That’s why we’ve created our Complete ID Card Systems – we take the guess work out of making sure you get all the supplies you need and guarantee they will work with your printer.

Shop DiscountID

DiscountID is proud to offer a wide range of ID card systems that meet the needs of both large and small businesses. Shop ID card system categories including single-sided systems, dual-sided systems, laminating systems, AlphaCard PRO series systems with built-in AlphaGuard watermark technology, and more.

ID badge reels are extremely popular ID accessories because they keep your ID cards easily at hand for swiping and scanning, keep photo IDs facing out for security purposes, and won’t get in the way while working the same way an ID swinging on a lanyard might.

Our Top Badge Reel Picks

Standard Round Badge Reels, pack of 25 – choose from over twenty colors and two clip types. These are a basic reel, used in every industry from education to business and hospitality.

No-twist Round Badge Reels, pack of 25 – choose from seven colors and two clip types. These reels keep your IDs facing forward.

Lanyard/Reel Combo, pack of 100 – choose from four colors. These reels are attached to a lanyard, giving you the benefits of both ID accessories.

Premium Square No-twist Reels, pack of 25 – choose from six colors and two clip types. Their unique square shape and premium design is an upgrade over standard round reels.

No-twist Carabiner Reels, pack of 25 – choose from four colors. Instead of a belt or swivel clip, these reels have a carabiner to attach to keys or other items.

Round Badge Reels with Reinforced Straps, pack of 25 – choose from five colors. The reinforced vinyl strap on these reels will last longer and keep your cards securely attached.

Need Something Else?

DiscountID carries a wide range of ID badge reels, but if you don’t see something online that meets your needs you can contact our experts to help you find the perfect ID accessory.

Blank ID cards come in several styles, allowing you to choose the material and special features (like magnetic stripes, smart chips, or signature panels) that your unique ID card design requires.

Standard Card Options

Standard PVC blank white ID cards are used for most card applications, because they are the perfect blank slate. But if you need composite cards for a laminator or reverse transfer printer, there are standard size blank white composite cards too.

Don’t want plain white cards? You can also choose from standard-size colored cards, in a wide range of colors. Please note that you should only print monochrome on colored cards.

You can ever get cards with signature panels on them if you want to include cardholder signatures on the cards, popular in retail rewards programs and gift cards.

Encoded & Prox Card Options

Magnetic stripe cards are easy to use and encode with ID card software and a card printer, and come in PVC HiCo and PVC LoCo varieties along with composite HiCo.

If you want to use your cards to help secure your building, proximity cards are a great option – these cards help you control who has access to open doors, without the security issues and hassles of traditional keys.