ID card software is an important part of your card program, so you shouldn’t order anything you aren’t sure will work for you – so dispel your doubts with a FREE 6 week trial of PC or Mac software!

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With the free software trial you can try out every version of AlphaCard ID Suite (for PC) or AlphaCard ID Builder (for Mac), giving you the chance to see ever feature and find the version that works best for your card needs and office environment.

With the AlphaCard ID Suite trail you can test out the Light, Standard, Professional, and Elite versions.

With the AlphaCard ID Builder trial you can test out the Basic, Standard, Professional, and Elite versions.

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If you want to make your cards easy to use and last longer, ID accessories may be what’s missing from your current system! Lanyards and reels keep cards visible for security, and badge holders protect your cards for wear and tear.

Types of ID Badge Accessories

Lanyards – Lanyards are incredibly easy to use with any uniform or dress code because they are worn around your neck, not attacked to your clothing or pocket. Lanyards are available in safety breakaway styles (that open if the lanyard is caught or grabbed to avoid choking), a range of widths and materials, and a rainbow of colors.

Badge Reels – Almost as popular as lanyards, badge reels clip onto your clothing or pockets. The retractable cord ensures that your card snaps back into place after you’ve swiped it, so it’s never in your way. Badge reels are available in a range of colors and shapes, and heavy duty reels are designed to withstand active use.

Badge Holders – Designed to protect your cards from the daily wear and tear that can shorted a card’s lifespan, badge holders reduce your costs for reprinting cards for your employees. Cards place in a holder can still be attached to a lanyard, reel, or other ID accessory.

Strap Clips – Commonly used with visitor ID badges and other temporary card programs, strap clips are small plastic strips that snap closed to secure your ID badge and then clip onto your clothing.

Pins & Magnets – Designed to attached directly to your card, most pins and magnets use an adhesive to securely attack to the back of an ID card. This makes them a great option for generic visitor badges that don’t have the visitor’s information and will be reused for future visitors, or for badges you don’t plan to replace often.

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With names that seem like a random group of letters, ID card printer ribbon names can seem intimidating – but our experts are here to help so you always order the correct ribbon.

Common Ribbon Types

Monochrome ribbons are a single color, and print only in solids with no shadows or shades. The most popular monochrome color is black, but they are also available in blue, greed, red, metallic silver and gold, and more.

A YMCKO ribbon has color panels (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black) PLUS a clear overcoat panel that adds some protection to your cards. This style of ribbon will print full color, black, and the overcoat on one side of a card. If you want to print full color on both sides of the card, you’ll get half the print yield from the ribbon.

A YMCKOK ribbon has the YMCKO panels for printing on one side of the card, plus an additional black panel to print only black on the back side of the card.

If you have a reverse transfer or laminating printer, you can’t use a ribbon with an overcoat panel. Instead you would use a YMCK ribbon or a YMCKK ribbon.

There are also specialty ribbons, which are used less often, but include fluorescent printing, scratch-off ribbons, and more. Laminates also come in multiple styles including clear, with holographic watermarks, and with cutouts for magnetic stripe cards, signature panels, or smart card chips.

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Improving the security of your visitor program is an important step to making your building more secure – so to help, we’ve updated our visitor management solutions with powerful AlphaCard Visitor Pass software!

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Software Editions

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry – entry-level software designed for smaller organizations looking for an efficient and easy-to-use software solution to creating visitor badges and records.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Standard – mid-level software designed for organizations that need ability to customize the database and/or manage events with guest lists, but do not need the full range of options in the higher level of software.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure – most advanced version of the software, designed for organizations that need the ability to fully customize the system to their visitor and event needs.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Kiosk – add-on license (requires a Secure license to work) designed for self-serve visitor check in desks to help manage multiple entrances or service desks in buildings.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure Client – add-on license (also requires a Secure license to work) designed for managing multiple staffed visitor check in desks.

Other Visitor Management Supplies

In addition to visitor management software, DiscountID carries a range of visitor supplies including cameras for taking visitor photos, many styles of scanners, signature pads, and more. Shop all visitor management solutions.

Do you know the best way to prevent damage to your ID card printer, allowing it to keep printing for years to come? Remembering to regularly clean your ID card printer!

How Cleaning Helps

Even in the cleanest office environment, your printer is still exposed to dust and other debris that can build up over time (and possibly an accidental coffee spill!). This dust and dirt can block sensors within the printer, damage sensitive electrical parts, and even break the printhead.

By regularly cleaning your card printer (including the rollers and printhead), you can remove this buildup of dirt before it becomes a problem requiring expensive repairs and printer downtime.

How often should you clean your printer? The easiest way to remember is to clean your printer every time you change the ribbon!

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DiscountID carries all the printer cleaning kits you need, from major manufacturers including AlphaCard, Datacard, Evolis, Fargo, IDP, Magicard, and Zebra.

ID card printers come in a wide range of styles – dye sublimation or reverse transfer, single or dual-sided, magnetic stripe encoding, lamination, and more. Not sure what you need? Let the experts at DiscountID help you out!

Expert ID Card Printer Recommendations

With years of experience, our team knows all the ins and outs of ID card printers and card design. Put this knowledge to use and get a FREE printer recommendation. What do you need to do?

Simply fill out this online form, answering some basic questions to get the process started – how many cards you want to print per year, if you want dual-sided printing, and if you need magnetic stripe printing.

Then we’ll get the personalized recommendation process started. Don’t wait, get your FREE expert printer recommendation today!

DiscountID carries a wide range of printer ribbons, blank ID cards, and printer cleaning kits in our online store so you always have the card printing supplies you need. If you’re not sure which products will work with your printer, however, our Ribbon & Supply Finder is designed to help you quickly and easily find all the supplies you need!

How to Use the Ribbon & Supply Finder

To use the Ribbon & Supply Finder tool you just need to answer two questions with the drop down menus:

– Your Printer Brand (like AlphaCard, Fargo, or Datacard)

– Your Printer Model (like an AlphaCard PRO 100, Fargo DTC4250e, or Datacard SD260)

Then click “See Supplies” and we’ll give you all the supplies compatible with your ID card printer!

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Employee ID cards can be simple and focused more on security than style, but your ID accessories don’t need to be boring! Shop DiscountID’s wide range of colorful and fun ID badge reels.

Add Style with Badge Reels

The Standard Round Badge Reel, available in packs of 25, comes in over twenty different colors including solid colors, metallic colors, neon colors, and translucent colors!

If a carabiner-style badge reel is more your style, choose from four different colors with these durable ID accessories.

If you love patterns, choose either zebra or floral premium designed badge reels to quickly add a serious pop of fun and personality to your work uniform.

Or add some color and whimsy with these heart-shaped badge reels, available in three colors and sure to bring a smile to your office.

For the ultimate combination of color, style, and fun, you can’t go wrong with our rhinestone fashion badge reels, available in four sparkly colors!

Don’t see something that catches your eye? Shop our complete range of ID badge reels online.

Whether you need ID card software for a PC or Mac office environment, for creating visitor badges, or designing student and staff ID cards, DiscountID carries the software you need!

AlphaCard ID Suite

AlphaCard’s most popular software, AlphaCard ID Suite is PC software available in many editions. Choose from Light, Standard, Professional, Elite, and multiple large business editions. AlphaCard ID Suite makes it easy to manage your cardholder database and design professional cards.

Shop AlphaCard ID Suite editions.

AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac

Specifically designed for Mac users, AlphaCard ID Builder is compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 and above.  Available in Basic, Standard, Professional, and Elite editions with design and database options for every size business.

Shop AlphaCard ID Builder editions.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass

If you need to screen and sign in visitors as they enter your building, or you manage events with guest lists, check out AlphaCard Visitor Pass software. Choose from stand-alone Entry, Standard, and Secure editions for a single entrance, or add Kiosk and Secure Client editions if you need to manage multiple locations.

Shop AlphaCard Visitor Pass editions.

AlphaCard School ID

Designed specifically for student and staff ID card design and management, AlphaCard School ID helps your school better manage your data. Choose from Standard and Professional editions, both of which feature specialized databases with fields unique to the needs of schools.

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ID badge holders are an invaluable part of many ID card programs. By using a holder your cards can last longer, reducing the time and expense of issuing replacements for damaged cards.

Clear Flexible Holders

Clear flexible badge holders are the most common style, so you’ll have the most options with these holders. The clear material makes it easy to see the badge inside the holder. The flexible material won’t protect the card from bending, but will protect it from dirt and scratches.

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Colored Badge Holders

Colored badge holders still have the clear face you need to read a badge, but use colors to make the holders more eye-catching. Many organizations use the different colors to clearly identify different types of card holders to make it easier to spot employees, visitors, guests, etc.

Shop all colored badge holders.

Rigid Badge Holders

Rigid badge holders are made from stiffer plastic than flexible holders, which allows them to prevent the card from bending and potentially snapping. Rigid holders are available in both clear and colored styles.

Shop all rigid badge holders.

Magnetic Badge Holders

Other badge holders either have slots for attaching to lanyards and reels, or they have a built-in clothing clip. Magnetic badgeholders instead of a magnetic attachment on the back so you can wear the holder like any other magnetic badge or pin.

Shop all magnetic badge holders.

Card Dispensers

If you need to remove cards from their holders for scanning or swiping, a card dispenser-style holder will make it quick and easy to get the card in and out. These rigid holders have specialized slots and sliders for removing the cards.

Shop all card dispenser badge holders.