AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure


AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure


New AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure edition visitor management software is designed for organizations that need to create a secure and custom visitor system.

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MSRP: $200
$99.99 per month

You Save: $100.01 (50%)

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure


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AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure Edition Visitor Management Software

New from AlphaCard, makers of professional software, printers, and supplies, this AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure edition visitor management software is designed for large organizations that need to create a secure and custom visitor system.

With AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure you can check visitors in and out at office buildings, check parents and volunteers in at schools, create temporary contractor badges at construction sites, create events and pre-register guests for trainings and industry events and email them a registration confirmation, and more – all while creating a comprehensive visitor database so you'll always know who is in your building.

Secure Edition Features
  • Ability to create and edit visitor records
  • Check visitors in and out
  • Automatic check in & out with barcode, gov. ID scan, fingerprint
  • Require visitors to sign documents before check-in
  • Blacklist visitors for security purposes (and send a security alert email if a blacklisted person tries to check in)
  • Automatic checkout reminder when you close the software
  • Create visitor groups (and filter by those groups)
  • Customize your database field labels
  • Create and email evacuation, visitor history, event attendee, and lobby activity reports
  • Screen visitors with a 3rd party criminal database check (requires a separate account with a 3rd party service)
  • Advanced database options for MySQL & MS SQL
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system compatibility

One of the most popular features in AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure is the ability to create events and manage guest lists. This is popular with schools, volunteer organizations, businesses that lead trainings and conferences, and more.

Using the Secure software you can:

  • Set dates and times for events
  • Pre-register guests for your events and email a confirmation
  • Prompt guests & staff to select the event when checking in
  • Add expiration dates to guest badges

If security is a concern during events, you can set the software to refuse check-in for anyone not registered for the event while it's going on. If you need guests to sign a form when they check in, like a non-disclosure agreement or safety waiver, you can also set the software to prompt them to read and sign documents at the time of check in.

One of the most popular features in AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure is the ability to email guests their event registration information – this makes it extremely easy for them to find the information they need like address or room number, and if you include a barcode on the email they can check it by scanning that barcode.

When it comes to designing and printing visitor badges you can quickly adapt one of the five built-in badge templates (with unlimited layouts per template) for your needs, or build your own badges with:

  • Single or dual-sided badge designs
  • 1D & 2D barcode encoding
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • UV printing
  • Visitor photos & signatures
  • Fingerprint capture
Easily Manage Multiple Entrances

For schools, large business campuses, convention centers, and anyone who has multiple entrances that guests may check in at, you can manage all your entrances with AlphaCard Visitor Pass Kiosks or Secure Clients add-on licenses.

With AlphaCard Visitor Pass you have two multi-entrance options:

  • AlphaCard Visitor Pass Kiosk, for self check-in stations
  • AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure Client, for staffed visitor desks

Self-serve Kiosk stations are popular in hotels and conventions, making it quick and easy for guests to check themselves into an event or conference. Kiosk licenses do not have access to your database, so guests cannot access any sensitive information.

If you will have staff or volunteers at desks to check in guests and visitors, a Secure Client license for each desk allows your staff to have access to the full software and database from any location.

Visitor Database & Reports

If you need to protect your visitor information (especially important in schools and healthcare), there are multiple ways you can limit access to the database:

  • Create individual user accounts
  • Hide software functionality from users
  • Hide database information from users
  • Create user groups & add users to groups
  • Create group profiles
  • Hide software functionality from groups
  • Temporarily block users

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure also includes several built-in reports:

  • Evacuation report
  • Visitor history report
  • Event attendee report
  • Top visitor report
  • Lobby activity report

From the software you can view, print, and export these reports. You can also customize the quick search feature to easily find the data you need for these reports.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass is compatible with PVC card printers, thermal label printers, and paper printers.

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Subscriptions

AlphaCard Visitor Pass software uses a subscription payment model and will automatically renew each month or year (depending on which subscription you select), charging the original payment method. You may cancel at any time, but at least 5 days prior to renewal.

Technical service and support is included with your AlphaCard Visitor Pass subscription:

  • Software training & setup assistance for one work station
  • Lifetime email support with an active subscription
  • Lifetime break fix phone support with an active subscription
  • Additional trainings & setup available ($99.99 each)
System Requirements

AlphaCard Visitor Pass is compatible with all PVC card printers and thermal label printers. AlphaCard Visitor Pass is not currently supported on Tablets or Surfaces. Please call with questions regarding compatibility with any hardware platforms not mentioned here. AlphaCard Visitor Pass comes with a single license and can only active on one computer at a time.

System requirements to run AlphaCard Visitor Pass: 32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10), Explorer 6 or higher, Microsoft .NET framework 4.6, dual core processor, 1 GB of free internal memory (32 bit) or 2 GB of free internal memory (64 bit), 200 MB of free disk space, and an internet connection for automatic activation and online help files.

Technical Specs
Product Type Software
Brand AlphaCard
Condition New
Coming Soon No
Discontinued No
Warranty Years No
Technical Specifications No
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 7 (32 Bit), Windows 7 (64 Bit), Windows 8, Windows 8 (32 Bit), Windows 8 (64 Bit), Windows 10, Windows 10 - 32 bit, Windows 10 - 64 bit
Database External DB Interface
Printer Encoding Capability Magnetic Stripe, Barcodes, 2D Barcodes, None
Features No
Encoding 2D Barcodes, Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, None