Security ID Badges

Printing your own security ID badges is much easier than you might think. Good ID-making software is designed to be intuitive.

Basic card printing software allows you either to create a new database from scratch or integrate its features with your organization's existing database. Software capabilities are similarly calibrated with the kind of card you wish to make. Because of advances in the field, numerous security options are available: holography, etching, photographic perforation, MicroText, UV ink, ghost images and more. Your ID badge software leads you step by step towards the creation of the kind of ID badge your security needs require. Responsible software vendors back up their sales with experts able to assist you if you should get stuck.

Manufacturers understand that people don't go to school to learn how to print security ID badges. This isn't something that people specialize in. Printing security ID badges is simply one part of an administrator's or event planner's job. Designers of good ID-making software take great pains to make the process intuitive, simple and "user friendly."

Types of Security ID Badges

There are many different ways to print security badges. The badges can be full-color, or monochromatic. They can be printed on one side, or both sides. If they are printed on both sides, either an operator will flip the card manually or the ID card printer will flip it automatically.

The digital photo could have been printed directly onto the card via a printer ribbon. It may have been sprayed on with a specialty ink jet printer. In other instances, the image is printed onto a special film, and the film is bonded onto the card. This type of printing is especially secure, since it sandwiches the image between the film and the PVC plastic.

The type of card you will be allowed to use depends largely on the type of printer you buy. Choosing the right printer for your particular needs is probably the most important decision you will make during the creation of your ID-making system. Fargo and Zebra both make a large number of reliable, affordable and top-notch ID card printers.