School ID Cards

School ID cards help keep students and teachers safe. If a school wishes to use an ID card system to bolster its security, any visitor to the school can be photographed and given a temporary ID. Teachers, staff and other adults can wear their identification badges or cards at all times while on campus. Convenient and attractive ways to display school ID badges include armbands, wrist bracelets, beaded chains, and lanyards, which are probably the form of ID display most frequently used.

Maintaining such a policy ensures that every adult within the school is accountable. Any adult not wearing a badge or card will be easy to spot. Requiring adults to have school ID cards printed before entering the school will deter entry into the school by adults who have no reason to be there. Photographing visitors is an excellent way to keep young children safe.

School ID Cards for Colleges

Colleges and universities are required to print thousands, if not tens of thousands, of school ID cards each year. This high volume of printing necessitates that the college or university own its own ID card printer. A high-quality PVC ID card printer, such as a Zebra printer or Fargo printer, will produce photo-quality images onto plastic cards. ID cards such as these can also be used for transactions.

For example, student IDs can be used to charge cafeteria meals. They can be used to purchase school supplies, text books and clothing in the school bookstore. These cards can often be used to enter sporting events, or to buy laundry tokens for a campus laundry facility. School plastic ID cards provide students with the convenience of credit cards, while limiting the number of places those students can use their cards.