Photo ID Card Systems

Complete photo ID card systems ensure that all your disparate pieces of ID-making equipment are compatible. When you buy a complete photo ID card system, you have the comfort of knowing that the software will work with the printer, and the camera will work with the software. Because so many different and technologically complicated pieces of equipment go into making a photo ID card system, it can be good to know that the system you are buying is guaranteed to work smoothly - every time - even when it is made up of different pieces of equipment from different manufacturers.

Photo ID Card Systems: Distributors and Manufacturers

When a manufacturer sells you a complete ID badge system, it is the manufacturer itself that will probably have manufactured all the pieces of equipment that system offers. Unfortunately, buying all your parts from one company might not get you the best possible deal. For the best possible value, it is wise to consider buying your system from a distributor, rather than a manufacturer.

A distributor is able to offer an unbiased opinion about which pieces of equipment work best. It makes no difference to her or him whether you choose to buy a Fargo printer or a Zebra printer. This impartiality allows the distributor to sell complete ID making systems that are built from the best equipment and software that each company has to offer.

To offer an example: one great system might include a Logitech ID camera, a Fargo printer, and AlphaCard ID Suite software. By combining excellent products from a host of different manufacturers, this system provides superior value for less money. Good ID card equipment distributors will work with you to find out how your real needs can be met by a specific grouping of equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.