Photo ID Badge Systems

Having your own in-house photo ID badge system can save you a great deal of time and money. Having your ID cards or badges printed through another company puts you at the mercy of that company. If you need to rush an order, you will probably have to pay dearly for it. If the company prints something incorrectly, it may be weeks before they can correct their mistake.

And, if you want a job done right, you often have to do it yourself. Having your own photo ID badge system puts you in complete control. Whether you are organizing an event or a tour, or simply working for a human resources department with a larger number of permanent and temporary employees, having your own photo ID badge system will likely get you out of a jam more than once.

Mix and Match Photo ID Badge Systems

Because the printer lies at the heart of any photo ID card system, it's important to buy a great one. Many people agree that the best photo ID printers available today are produced by just two companies: Zebra and Fargo. Zebra used to be known as Eltron, and it is the largest producer of ID card printers in the world working today. Fargo is also an excellent company, and has been producing top-notch card printers with incredible security technology for years.

Beyond the printer itself, you may have some room to play. You'll be able to choose from a number of different cameras, for instance. You can use a digital camera for point and click photos, or you can use a digital video camera that will capture images from an ongoing flow of visual information. There are likewise many different software offerings you can use to compose what you see on the card and store this information in a database, so it can be changed as the situation warrants.