PVC ID Card Printers

PVC ID card printers allow the user to print photo ID cards, access cards, passes, badges and more. If your school, facility or company frequently prints visitor passes or photo IDs, you could save thousands of dollars by owning and operating your own in-house PVC ID card printer. You'll need other pieces of equipment to help get you started, but the printer is the heart of the photo ID-making system.

All ID card printers are, by default, PVC ID card makers; there are very few ID badge printers that will also print onto paper ID cards (the CIM K10, which prints monochrome images, is one of these; Evolys' Tattoo has also recently been redesigned to accommodate paper cards).

There are also printers which work with PVC plastic cards that have been specially treated. For example, Persona CardJet printers use an ink that bonds and dries instantly onto specially formulated CardJet cards, to ensure that the ink does not smear.

A PVC ID Card Printer System

A good PVC ID card printer system will include the printer, software, PVC plastic cards, cleaning supplies, lighting, digital camera or digital video camera and, of course, a computer. Perhaps the best place to buy one of these systems is with an online distributor. A distributor can offer an unbiased opinion about which printer will best serve your needs.

If a distributor sells both Fargo and Zebra card printers, for instance, he will be happy to inform you of the pros and cons of each printer model. He won't be obliged to convince you that one type of printer is absolutely superior to another. He'll be able to suggest one type of printer model for portability, another model for affordability, and a third model for high volume printing. He can tell you which systems will work best with your computer platform, which come with the best warranties, and which are the most secure.

In addition to saving money, owning your own ID card printer will save you time, and help you avoid hassles. If you need badges at the last minute, you'll be able to print them. If a large group of shareholders unexpectedly arrive for a group tour, you'll be able to furnish them with secure passes.