ID Card Systems

Distributors of ID card printers, software and supplies often have the best ID card systems. Although Zebra and Fargo are great card printer manufacturers, they don't necessarily sell the perfect ID card systems. A good ID card system will always include a wonderful card printer, such as a Fargo or Zebra ID card printer, but may include a different type of software, camera, and so on.

In other words, just because Zebra and Fargo are the best names in printing doesn't mean they're the best names in software, or ID making-merchandise. A great ID badge or card system might include a ClickSmart camera, Fargo card printer, and Alpha Card System software. By combining elements from different manufacturers, you can create a system that meets your needs in the most affordable way possible.

ID Card Systems for Beginners

If this ID badge system is your first, you'll probably need to purchase all the different tools and supplies. You'll need a digital camera or digital video camera, cables to attach it to your computer, and cleaning supplies, such as cleaning cartridges. You'll probably need a backdrop against which people receiving the IDs can pose. You'll need lighting, to make the photos look their best.

You'll want to have access to technical support. Hopefully, your system will come with a year's worth of support, to help you through the period when you're less familiar with your system. And finally, you'll need a printer and cards.

When it comes to making ID cards, the printer is probably the most important single tool. Make sure your printer is capable of doing everything you need it to do, whether that means printing on both sides of the card, adding metal foil stamping or holographic overlaminates, or simply adding magnetic stripes. At this stage of the game you will definitely want to seek advice from professionals who know what options are available, and how to translate your needs into specific and trustworthy pieces of equipment.