ID Card Printers

Companies like Fargo Electronics and Zebra (formerly Eltron) produce a wide range of ID card printers. Each model of ID card printer is designed slightly differently, to meet different sets of needs. For instance, the type of ID card machine used to create drivers' licenses will be quite different from the machine used to print chip-encoded badges at a small law firm. Both of these ID card printers will differ from the one used by an event planner, which will have to be light and portable in order to move from event to event.

Styles of ID Card Printer

Let's first look at just a few of the different ID badge and card printers produced by Zebra. Zebra produces a Security line of printers, a Performance line of printers, and a Value line of printers.

A driver's license is the most common means for proving age; tens of thousands of teenagers would like nothing more than a driver's license that could be easily reproduced. With such large numbers of people motivated to try and duplicate a driver license, they have to be particularly hard to counterfeit. The Security line of printers would be appropriate for printing drivers' licenses.

The Value line, on the other hand, is suited to small businesses. The emphasis with these printers is more on affordability than security. The Performance line is known for flexibility; more advanced technologies can be added to these printers as budgets permit and needs change.

Fargo, of course, also produces a wide range of card printers. They include High Definition, Direct to Card, and CardJet ID card and ID badge printers. Some of the CardJet printers even come with handles, making them easy to carry from location to location.