ID Card Machines

If your business, school, facility or firm frequently issues ID badges or ID cards to employees and visitors, you can save a great deal of money and time by using your own, in-house ID card machines. ID card machines are relatively easy to use, and the best of them are also quite easy to maintain. ID card manufacturers understand that the average user will probably be more of an administrator than a technical person, so most of these manufacturers strive to create ID card machines that are very "user friendly."

The Best ID Card Machines

The best ID card manufacturers are probably Zebra (formerly known as Eltron) and Fargo. They're certainly among the most successful and largest card manufacturers. They produce ID making software, cameras, video cameras, printers, and supplies. Supplies include printer ribbons, cleaning agents such as cleaning cartridges and cleaning tape, and the cards themselves.

Although Zebra and Fargo both make unbeatable ID card printers, many other companies produce excellent card software. AlphaCard, for instance, produces an excellent line of ID card software. You can choose from several editions of AlphaCard ID Suite software. Asure and Episuite also make good software. You don't have to use Fargo or Zebra software to make the most of your Fargo or Zebra printer.

There are so many different systems to choose from that knowing which system is best for you can be next to impossible. Enlist the help of an expert to make the task easier. Speak with an ID badge machines distributor who can give an unbiased opinion of the merits of the different systems, rather than feel impelled to push one type of printer over another.