ID Badge Systems

Identification badges can become extremely powerful tools when encrypted with recent technology. However, most companies that are producing ID badges on their own for the first time aren't prepared to buy and use the most powerful ID badge systems available.

It's easy to make a case that the best ID badge systems available are systems which can be added to easily.

Adding to an ID Badge System

It's a matter of learning to walk before learning to run. Companies often need to use an ID badge system for the simplest of purposes first, before exploring all the other applications ID cards make possible. Let's use a school as our example: many schools issue ID cards to students, teachers and staff in order to protect young students from unidentified visitors.

Smart administrators know that creating these ID badges in-house will save the school time and money. Once the administrators are used to creating badges and maintaining the printer, and once students and staff are accustomed to carrying their ID badges, the system can be added to. Administrators can add on to the ID card system in order to enable it with encoding capabilities.

Encoding can be done through magnetic stripes, barcodes or computer chips. A great deal of information is made available in a very tiny space. Printed or encoded data can permit identification and transactions alike. For instance, a student's movements can be tracked. If a student leaves the school for an hour or two, her absence will be recorded by the encoded part of her card. In terms of transactions, a student can use his card to pay for a school lunch in the cafeteria or a new notebook in the school store.

And if the school administrator has planned wisely, adding the encoding machine that enables this tracking and these transactions will be an economical and easy task to perform.