ID Badge Printers

Knowing which type of ID badge printer to buy can be difficult. You want to make sure that you buy the best ID badge printer for your specific needs, without getting (and spending!) more than you need. The smartest thing you can do is to work closely with an independent distributor to create or find a badge-making system tailored to your unique needs.

ID Badge Printer Systems

Most ID badge printer companies do produce complete ID card systems. Companies like Fargo and Zebra (formerly known as Eltron) will sell combinations of printers, software, cameras and cards to meet what they have found to be the most cited concerns of schools, labs, correctional facilities and corporations. Of course, your organization or company may require a more unusual system, one that is not part of Fargo's or Zebra's standard line of complete systems.

In this case, working with an independent distributor to create a custom ID system for you becomes imperative. Does this sound expensive? Creating the right ID system usually saves you money in the long run. You may need a dual-sided printer capable of printing tens of thousands of ID cards, but need only a very basic camera. Or you may need a camera and printer that produce beautiful, picture perfect photographs, but not need any encryption technology.

Speak with a distributor who specializes in creating ID systems or suites. This distributor can offer you excellent advice and suggestions. You may decide to use your IDs for more than you had originally intended. For example, you may have decided to buy an ID system for security reasons, but then discovered these same cards could be used to charge meals in the cafeteria, or control access to restricted areas. A distributor will work with you to identify future as well as current needs.