ID Badge Makers

An ID badge maker can help your lab, firm, facility or company protect its employees and its property. Your employees will feel safer knowing that an ID badge is required for visitors to leave the lobby and enter their work space. An onsite ID badge maker will impress upon security personnel the serious charge they fulfill.

Having a rigorous protocol surrounding the use of ID cards (and the ID card printer) will protect everyone.

For instance, employees who are terminated should have their ID badges taken away from them upon termination. This militates against their simply walking back into their former office the next day, when they are likely to be distraught. The fact that an average employee termination happens without incident does not mean there exist no exceptions to the rule. Taking away ID badges protects other employees from the exception.

Cost-Efficient Badge Makers

Having an onsite ID maker is extremely cost-efficient. Speak with a knowledgeable distributor to determine your specific needs. Some organizations will need nothing more than the most basic digital camera and black and white photo-quality printer. Other companies will require encoding and access control.

When used correctly, more expensive ID cards can actually save companies a lot of money. For example, many factories and retailers use ID badges that monitor punctuality and time management. If an employee takes two 10 minute cigarette breaks every hour, this badge will keep track of it. Knowing which employees are working efficiently and which are not will help your company run more equitably as well as more smoothly.