Employee ID Badges

Employee ID badges have many uses, but their most important use is as a security device. Being able to quickly identify legitimate employees, visitors and temporary employees provides peace of mind for all who work in your office building, factory floor or school.

Employee ID Badges and Access

Employee ID badges also protect your intellectual property. The right employee ID badges can help control access to sensitive areas of your building. For example, you wouldn't want visitors to have access to rooms filled with sensitive legal documents or employees' private information. Rather than posting a security guard at each of these entrances, you can hand out encoded ID badges to those employees and visitors who are allowed in these areas, and deny them to those who aren't.

Of course, if the materials are especially sensitive, you will want to use both encoded ID badges and security guards. If your company has a research and development area, such as a lab for pharmaceutical development and testing, you'll need to keep that area closely guarded. ID badges are a wonderfully inexpensive yet highly effective way of guarding these areas.

In addition to access control and security-based identification, ID badges are useful for monitoring productivity and attendance. For example, some very large companies may work with multiple temporary agencies to fill their need for temporary employees. A large company may at times find itself working with as many as 10 different temp agencies. By monitoring the productivity of the employees these different agencies send, the HR department may be able to whittle those 10 agencies down to five - and see a corresponding decline in the paperwork that hiring temps entails.