Eltron Printers

Eltron printers, now known as Zebra printers, are considered by many to be the very best in the business. Zebra/Eltron printers come in an incredibly wide variety of models, with 33 different bar code models and 10 different card imaging models. Eltron/Zebra is a huge company, with 23 locations in 17 different countries and more than 2,000 employees. To date, over three million Eltron printers have been sold to buyers in almost 100 different countries. That figure just keeps growing.

Eltron Printers, Internationally

Eltron/Zebra is a success for many reasons. They are known for having very reliable printers, and reliability is a top concern for companies that perform in-house card printing. Companies often use their card printers seasonally. A school, for instance, may only print a few hundred cards during a school year, but will print tens of thousands of cards at the start of the fall semester. What would happen if that school's card printer were to break down during enrollment week?

Versatility is another word easily associated with the Eltron/Zebra brand. The company makes large printers such as the P430i that are suitable for large-scale industrial use, and small printers such as the P120i that are wonderfully portable and light. Their printers are used to make ID cards, membership cards, licenses and gift cards for schools, prisons, gyms, retailers, casinos, government agencies and more.