Company ID Cards

ID card printers become significantly more powerful and smooth-running every year. As with any industry, advances in one of an interlinked series of parts enable and spur changes in the other parts of the system. This is one reason why PVC card manufacturers have, in recent years, created such technologically sophisticated products as RIFD cards and "smart" cards. PVC card manufacturers have simply needed to keep up with their technology in order to stay in the game.

This is also why many of the best PVC card manufacturers are the manufacturers of the ID card printers themselves.

For example, both Fargo and Zebra make exceptional pure PVC and PVC composite cards. These cards are, of course, compatible with Fargo and Zebra printers, respectively. And while some of these cards are plain white plastic, others come with a range of added security features.

PVC Card Manufacturers and Security

Security features can be added to a card before it is printed, or after printing. Security features that are added to a card before printing may include opacity markings, color shifting or embedded holograms. When you buy a box of these security ID cards, the markings or holograms have already been built into the layers of the card.

For example, a hologram that is both visible to the eye and specially designed for a black light can be printed within the layers of the PVC card. Because it is sandwiched between layers, it can't be tampered with, altered or scratched away. Because it is found within the layers of the card, the hologram can also be printed over. A company may wish to print its logo or name directly on top of this embedded hologram.