Card Printer Uses

Organizations, employers, institutions and clubs who care about security and efficiency can benefit from card printer systems that allow them to make their own ID badges. These identification badges can serve multiple purposes. Some are simply laminated plastic badges displaying clear, color photographs and information that identify the carriers.

Other, more advanced security ID cards use magnetic stripes, smart card computer chips or other methods of encoding. These encoding methods can be used for tracking such information as a student’s or employee’s attendance or hours. They can also be used to control access, such as access to areas in a law firm or a research and development lab that contain highly sensitive materials.

The Best Card Printers

Card printers have to be much more durable and reliable than other types of printers. For good printers, look for reliable manufacturers. You can look to Datacard, Evolis, Magicard, Polariod and Persona for solid, reliable card printing technology. These printers can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, or through dealers that offer a variety of printers, cameras, software and cards for ID card solutions.

The best card printers in the business, however, probably belong to two manufacturers: Fargo and Zebra. Zebra is a relatively new name for the company that used to be called Eltron, so you may see Zebra printers listed as Zebra/Eltron printers. Zebra is the world’s leading manufacturer, with almost two million printers in use around the world today.