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FEATURE: Increase Card Security & Durability

One of the most effective ways to increase ID card security and durability is lamination. offers solutions that allow any organization to produce laminated IDs, regardless of your budget. We carry a full lineup of laminating ID card printers, but also offer cost-friendly options such as self-adhesive hologram stickers and overlaminates.

The benefits of lamination are hard to ignore. The process provides a strong layer of protection from tampering, illegal duplication, and the rigors of everyday use. It's virtually impossible to tamper with a laminated ID, as any attempt would result in the card being destroyed as the layers are peeled apart. The added layer of protection also guards against wear and tear, helping to extend card life.

For added visual security you can choose to use holographic overlaminates which cover the card's surface with a secure holographic pattern that can be seen when the card is held at an angle. Holographic overlaminates increase visual authentication, and eliminate the risk of fraudulent replication. The process can be performed using a laminating ID card printer, or by applying self-adhesive holographic overlays to your cards after printing.

If you're unsure whether or not your ID program will require lamination, keep in mind some ID card printers can be upgraded in-field, allowing you to add a lamination module down the road. Examples include the Fargo HDP5000 and the Fargo DTC550.

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SPOTLIGHT: Magicard Enduro
The Magicard Enduro is a high-value printer with the versatility to meet the needs of almost any ID program. The Enduro has the affordable price tag of an entry-level printer, while offering a bevy of unique features that separate it from other card printers of its class.

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One key feature is the Enduro's ability to apply a secure HoloKote watermark across the surface of each printed card at no additional cost. The HoloKote system enhances card security by providing four fixed patterns (waves, rings, keys, and globes) that are selectable from the printer driver. With HoloKote, you don't have to worry about your cards being counterfeited.

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Another key attribute of the Enduro is its flexibility. Say your ID program grows to require dual-sided printing down the road, with the Enduro you can make that upgrade by purchasing a simple upgrade kit that slides into place and automatically enhances the functionality of your printer. The upgrade from single-sided to dual-sided printing is quite literally a snap, which means you can buy now and decide later if you need the added functionality.

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REVIEW: ID Printer Accessories

If you're in search of accessories for a specific ID card printer model, consider your new best friend. Our ID Printer Accessories section is fully stocked with parts and accessories for every make and model of ID card printer, even those that have been discontinued.

Whether you're looking for a replacement printhead, a new printer cable, or want to enhance the functionality of your card printer, we'll provide you with all available options, from field-installable lamination and dual-sided printing modules, to magnetic stripe encoders, Ethernet upgrade kits and more. The ID Printer Accessories section is also where you'll find protective cases that will keep your printer safe and secure when you're on the move.

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