October 2011 Newsletter

DiscountID.com Newsletter
Why Buy a Complete ID System?
Figuring out what you need to start your ID card program can seem overwhelming. Buying a complete ID card system takes a lot of the guesswork out of configuring a system on your own. With a photo ID system from DiscountID.com everything you need is in one place.
By buying a complete ID system you save both time and money. All systems come with an ID card printer, ID card software, a photo ID camera, a healthy supply of blank ID cards, and printing supplies. You can rest assured that all system components will work seamlessly together. Your ID program will be ready to go right out of the box.
We offer complete ID card solutions for programs of every shape and scope. Whether you need to print short runs of basic photo ID cards, or high volumes of multifunctional smart cards, DiscountID.com has the system for you.
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Free Cleaning Kit with All System Purchases
Give your ID card program a clean slate this fall when you purchase a photo ID system from DiscountID.com. Now through the end of October, all DiscountID.com ID card systems come with a free printer cleaning kit.
ID Accessory Packs
Once you’ve printed your badges, you’ll probably want to display your work. To make securely displaying ID cards and badges easier, DiscountID.com offers a selection of ID accessory packs. These convenient ID accessory bundles include breakaway lanyards, strap clips, and a slot punch.
The ID accessory packs are available in two different sizes: 100 packs and 500 packs to meet the needs of organizations large and small. They’re also available in a range of colors so you can choose which hue best matches the style of your business.
The accessory bundles are easy to use. After printing a batch of ID cards simply punch a hole in each card using the slot punch, run a strap clip through the hole and connect it to the lanyard. For ID programs that require badges to be displayed at all times, ID accessory packs offer a convenient and efficient solution.