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  Main Article: Popular Entry Level ID Card Printers

When starting a small-scale ID card program, your best bet is to choose an economical, versatile printer to power your ID card system. has a collection of budget-friendly printers that make creating colorful, custom-designed cards easy. Even basic printers offer advanced security features like magnetic stripe encoding and secure watermarks.<

The Magicard Pronto is a practical choice for single-sided cards. It’s incredibly easy to use, portable and compact. A more advanced option from the same family is the Magicard Enduro, which offers an upgrade to dual-sided printing with a drop-in module. It comes with a 100-card hopper for convenient batch printing. Both the Enduro and Pronto are quick, printing two full-color or eight monochrome cards per minute. Like all Magicard printers both the Pronto and the Enduro feature a unique no-cost security feature called HoloKote. HoloKote is a secure watermark system that increases card durability and protects against counterfeit attempts.

The new Fargo DTC1000 offers advanced features like edge-to-edge printing, the ability to print on rewritable cards, and optional in-field upgrades to magnetic stripe encoding or dual-sided printing. With its ability to reuse cards, the DTC1000 is well suited for organizations that value sustainability. Magnetic stripe encoding can be used for various applications including attendance tracking, access control and cashless payment.

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  Product Spotlight: New Fargo ID Card Systems

With a name like, it’s not surprising to find great deals on complete ID card systems featuring the latest Fargo printers. When you purchase one of our systems you get everything you need to start your card program: ID printer, ID camera, ID software, ribbon, blank cards and a cleaning kit. Here’s a sample of the robust and user-friendly Fargo ID card systems we offer featuring the brand new Fargo DTC1000, DTC4000, and DTC4500 ID card printers.

Fargo DTC1000 Duplex Card Printer System – This system features the Duplex DTC1000, a simple yet powerful printer. It creates double sided, full-color cards with edge-to-edge printing. Its ability to print on rewritable cards makes it a sustainable and economical solution.

Fargo DTC4000 ID Card System – This system is well-suited for mid-volume card programs where printing needs may grow and change. Optional in-field upgrade modules include dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding and a combine input/output card hopper. It also can print fluorescent ink that can only be seen with a UV source, adding an extra layer of security.

Fargo DTC4500 ID Card System – If you’re printing large runs of ID cards and badges, this system is right for you. It includes a dual-input card hopper, and can be field-upgraded for double-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding, and single or dual-sided lamination.
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  Secondary Article: Magicard HoloPatch

If you’re looking for a way to add more security to your ID card system, check out Magicard HoloPatch cards. These cards are designed for use with Magicard ID card printers and combine a unique ID cardstock with HoloKote, Magicard’s innovative, patented secure watermark system. HoloPatch cards feature an embedded reflective patch in one corner that, when combined with the HoloKote holographic overlay, provides distinct visual authenticity even from afar.

HoloPatch cards are difficult to replicate, while the HoloKote watermark system increases card durability and helps prevent tampering. HoloPatch cards are available as standard blank ID cards in addition to cards equipped with HiCO and LoCo magnetic stripes. Except for the Prima 3, all Magicard printers are capable of printing on HoloPatch cards. It is a simple yet effective way to increase security in your ID card program.

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