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MAY 2011
Tips and tricks for eco-friendly card printing
While Earth Day has come and gone, it’s not hard to incorporate eco-friendly card printing practices into your ID card program all year round. There are a bevy of sustainable choices any business or organization can participate in to improve the environment.
One of the easiest changes an organization can make is to swap out traditional printer supplies for supplies made out of recycled materials. Recycled PVC cards are an eco-friendly alternative to standard PVC cards. The cards are made out of 100 percent recycled plastic. You’ll reduce your impact on the environment without losing anything in terms of print quality or durability.
You can also make your ID card program greener by styling your ID cards with ID badge accessories made out of recycled and sustainable materials. Bamboo lanyards are durable, strong, and anti-microbial. Bamboo is one of the Earth’s most sustainable resources, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to display their ID cards in an environmentally friendly manner.
Not all eco-friendly upgrades mean switching out supplies or accessories; you can help reduce your ID card program’s impact on the environment simply by programming your ID cards to perform multiple functions. Many of the functions ID cards perform today eliminate the need to use paper to execute the same operations. Customer loyalty programs are increasingly using ID cards to track and record points and discounts in lieu of paper punch cards. Employee ID cards can now be used to track time and attendance, eliminating the need for time sheets. Student ID cards are also embracing the paperless functions of ID cards by implementing paperless ticketing systems for admittance to school sporting events.
Free Custom Lanyard Setup
Throughout the month of May, take advantage of the latest promotion from and promote your brand by adding your company logo or text to a Custom Lanyard design. Now through the end of the month, you’ll receive free custom lanyard setup with your purchase of Custom Silk Screened or Embroidered Lanyards. Visit for complete promotion details.
Custom Lanyards
ID badge lanyards can enhance any ID card program by providing a secure and high-visibility method for displaying ID cards and badges. Custom lanyards take that visibility to the next level by also offering a platform for promoting your business or organization.
Custom lanyards are a popular and effective option for a variety of card programs including employee ID programs, schools, and trade shows and conventions. The custom-made lanyards help identify your business or organization at a glance. offers custom lanyards in both silk-screened and embroidered variations. The custom lanyards are made to order. You provide your own logo or custom text and choose between a variety of colors, standard or safety breakaway designs, and attachment options.