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  Earn Your Stripes With Magnetic Stripe Encoding

We talk a lot about the many functions of ID cards, from basic photo identification to membership, access control and beyond. So how do you go about building an ID program that packs each card with expanded functionality beyond what you can physically see? One of the most time-honored techniques is magnetic stripe encoding.

Magnetic stripe encoding allows you to store information on a magnetic stripe within each card. The data on the magnetic stripe can be read by any basic reader, and is typically encoded in 3 tracks. Track 1 is both data and numeric, while tracks 2-3 are numeric only. This information can be applied to such applications as time and attendance, check-in/checkout processes, access control, meal plan management, and cashless payment. Consider university ID cards, for example. Many universities issue student IDs featuring a magnetic stripe that is swiped by a special reader when the student wants to check out books from the library, rent equipment from the gym, use the computer lab, or enjoy a delicious meal in the cafeteria.

With magnetic stripe encoding, the capabilities of your ID program are limited only by the width of your imagination. Of course it takes specialized equipment and supplies to produce magnetic stripe cards, and we’re happy to run through these options with you over the phone. The basics include an ID card printer with a mag encoder, ID card software with mag encoding capabilities, and blank cards with either hi-co or lo-co magnetic stripes. Typically, encryption is handled by whatever software is capturing the data, for instance access/control systems or time clock systems.

Interested in how your ID program can benefit from the expanded functionality of magnetic stripe cards? Get in touch with and we'll go over the possibilities with you.

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  SPOTLIGHT: Field-Upgradeable Card Printers

Any time you make an important purchase such as a new ID card printer, you want to make sure you're acquiring something that will get the job done for years down the line. In the case of card printers, you have a range of options, from basic entry-level models, on up to the most sophisticated machines built for high-volume high-security applications. Choosing the right printer depends on the requirements of your ID program both in the present and the future. If you foresee your card program possibly growing or changing down the road, you might want to consider a card printer that accepts in-field upgrades. In the long run, these future-proof solutions can save you time, hassle, and money.

Some of our more popular field-upgradeable card printers include the Magicard Enduro, the Fargo DTC400e, and the robust Fargo HDP5000. The Enduro is a high-value printer that boasts the unique ability to upgrade from single-sided to dual-sided card printing with an upgrade kit that you simply slide into place.

The Fargo DTC 400E is another budget-friendly card printer that accepts in-field upgrades for dual-sided printing as well as magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.

While the Fargo HDP5000 is a powerful machine with an innovative modular design that allows for the addition of various encoding technologies, dual-sided printing, as well as lamination.

If you're looking for a printer that can adapt to changing ID card needs, consider the options above, or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect solution.

Zebra ZXP Series 8 Card Printer Metrologics 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Fargo HDP5000 YMCFK Color Ink Ribbon - 250 Prints Magicard Pronto YMCKO Color Ribbon - 100 Prints
  REVIEW: Launch Your Own Gift Card Program

We love when our customers find new ways to utilize their ID card printers beyond their original intentions. ID card printers can do much more than print photo IDs, and when you expand the use of your printer, your system becomes even more valuable. One example we're seeing more and more is the use of ID card systems to produce high-quality gift cards. Issuing gift cards to clients and customers is a great way to build trust, loyalty, and lasting business relationships, while also promoting the name of your brand or organization.

We often see gift card programs in restaurant and retail environments. Typically the gift card will provide discounts to the cardholder, or offer an award when a certain purchase-level has been met. Of course restaurants and stores aren't the only establishments that can benefit from customer loyalty. No matter what type of business or organization you're involved in, issuing gift cards is a great way to reward the customers and clients you deal with on a daily basis. Find something to offer by way of a gift card, and there's a good chance it will pay off in return business.

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