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  Produce Secure, Long-Lasting ID Cards with Lamination

For ID programs demanding the highest level of card security, lamination and the inclusion of holographic overlays offer not only heightened visual security, but also durability and protection from tampering.

Laminated ID cards are ideal for active environments and ID programs where cards are frequently accessed for scanning. A laminated ID can last for upwards of seven years. That's some serious durability. Lamination also adds a layer of protection from tampering and counterfeiting. If someone tries to peel back the layers to manipulate the info on the card, for instance, it will be destroyed in the process.

In terms of visual authenticity, ID cards can benefit greatly from holographic overlaminates. These are overlays featuring a secure holographic pattern. The pattern can be fixed, or in some cases it can even be customized. When you add holographic image lamination to your ID cards, it makes them incredibly difficult to counterfeit. And when a cardholder shows you their badge, you should be able to tell instantly whether or not it's authentic.

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  SPOTLIGHT: Lamination Options & Hologram Stickers

Lamination can help to extend the life of your ID cards, while also protecting them from tampering and illegal duplication. If it fits your budget, an ID card printer with lamination can do wonders for your card security and durability. Â These printers are available with single-sided or dual-sided lamination to protect your IDs. If you're on a tighter budget, also offers self-applied hologram stickers that serve as an affordable alternative.

Laminating Card Printers – Enhance your level of card security with lamination. These printers can add a protective layer to your IDs by way of standard clear overlays or holographic overlaminates applied during the printing process.

ID Card Systems with Lamination – Print secure and durable photo IDs right out of the box. offers complete ID card systems featuring a high-performance card printer with lamination, plus software and supplies.

Hologram Stickers – A budget-friendly alternative, these stickers are applied by hand and feature secure hologram patterns to enhance visual authenticity. Some are full-card overlays, while others serve simply as an added visual element on a small portion of the card surface.

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You may have noticed a smattering of customer-submitted product reviews popping up for various items on It's a new feature we recently added to the site that lets you voice your opinion on the products and supplies that make your ID program tick. Customer reviews not only make us feel good (when positive of course), but they also provide a helpful perspective for new customers shopping for ID equipment. Getting first-hand reports on how these products handle in the real world is a tremendous asset to those who are weighing their options before making a purchase.

Want to share your thoughts on the products you use to print your ID cards? Simply visit any product page on, scroll down to the Customer Reviews section and click "Write a Review."

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