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Why You Should Use Capture Devices

Capture Devices Data capture devices can add security, convenience and advanced functionality to your ID card program in a variety of ways. These devices range from magnetic stripe readers and barcode scanners, to signature capture pads, fingerprint scanners, and more. Incorporating data capture into your program improves accuracy, speeds up operations, and helps make your ID cards more secure and functional.

DiscountID carries a full line of data capture devices fit for any situation, whether you need a magnetic stripe reader for checking in members at a health club, or a signature capture device for adding electronic signatures to the back of your cards.

Scanners and readers really can play a pivotal role in your ID card operation. Think about it. Without the reader, the card serves as visual proof of identification. Add a reader and now we're talking about new levels of functionality, from check-in/checkout processes, to time-and-attendance, meal plans, and more. Fingerprint scanners and signature pads, on the other hand, work to ensure your cards are secure, completely unique, and protected from illegal duplication. Adding security elements such as fingerprints and electronic signatures is a great way to increase the level of card protection, while also making cards more effective for critical identification purposes.

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HID Cards
HID Cards If your ID program requires a high level of security, sophistication and functionality, there's a strong chance you'll be printing and encoding HID cards. HID cards come in the form of contactless smart cards and proximity cards embedded with advanced electronics.

DiscountID carries a comprehensive selection of HID cards fit for all types of ID programs. Some of our more popular HID cards include:

ProxCard II
Standard ProxCard II (HID1326) - These commonly issued proximity cards are used for access control and come in two formats: Standard Non-Programmed (card numbers and Facility/Site codes pre-selected for you), and Custom Programmed (you specify card numbers and the Facility/Site code).

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Standard HID i-Class Card (HID2000) - These highly popular cards contain 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, while also allowing users to incorporate barcodes, magnetic stripes, text and custom graphics. They're designed for use with direct image and thermal transfer card printers.

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HID2000 iClass Cards

Countless organizations use HID cards for secure identification and a variety of applications ranging from access control and cashless payment, to biometric verification and network log-in security. With HID cards, the possibilities are limitless.

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Access Control Cards

Premier Colored Badge Reel - 100 ct. Convention ID Badge Holder with Pin - 100 Permanent Locking Proximity Badge Holder - 100 Locking ID Badge Holder - V Proximity - 100
REVIEW: Backdrops & Tripods
Backdrops and Tripods

What's the key to taking a good ID photo? Well, besides the presentable appearance of your subject, it's all about lighting and a clean background. Without the proper lighting, even the most meticulously groomed model is going to look bad. That's why it's important to put a little thought into these matters when it comes time for an ID card photo shoot.

Thankfully DiscountID makes things easy for you with our ID Card System Lighting section. This section of our online store features everything you need to take clean, properly-exposed photos. From portable backdrops and stands, to tripods and lighting kits, we've got you covered. Once you have the right gear, your photos will look more professional, and so will your ID cards. And perhaps most importantly, those receiving the cards will be happy with the way they appear in picture.

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