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The Two Sides of ID Card Printing

When we speak with customers in the market for a new ID card printer, one of the first things we like to discuss is the choice between single-sided and dual-sided printing. There are a couple important factors to consider when making this decision. First, is the information on the back of your cards going to be the same for each card? If it is, you can save some money by using a single-sided card printer, and simply pre-printing the back side of your cards first, then doing a second run for the front.

But if speed and design flexibility are what you're after, a dual-sided printer is the way to go. Dual-sided printers print both card sides in a single pass, and allow you to include variable information on the back side of each card. In other words, if the information on both the front and back of your cards is going to be unique from card to card, you'll want a dual-sided printer. These printers are also ideal for large-scale ID programs looking to save some time during high-volume print jobs.

What if you choose a single-sided printer, but your ID program grows to require dual-sided printing down the road? Would you need an entirely new printer? Not necessarily. Consider the Magicard Enduro, for example. This innovative card printer starts as a single-sided printer, but accepts a simple upgrade kit that slides into place and reconfigures the printer for dual-sided printing. In this way, the Enduro can actually adapt in-field to meet the changing requirements of your ID program. With the ability to quickly upgrade from single-sided to dual-sided printing, the Magicard Enduro is one of the most versatile card printers available.

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Slot Punches
Once you finish printing your ID cards, you're not necessarily out of the woods yet. Many ID programs require slots in their cards. These slots allow you to easily attach ID cards to lanyards, strap clips, etc., but the slots don't magically appear. You're going to need a slot punch. When it comes to punching slots in your ID cards, it's all about speed, comfort, and consistency. DiscountID carries slot punches in an assortment of styles that meet the needs of card programs both large and small. Here are some examples.

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Stapler-Style Slot Punch - A quick and simple slot-punching solution for low-volume card programs, our stapler-style stainless steel slot punch comes with an adjustable centering guide and slot receptacle.

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Heavy Duty Slot Punch - When you need fast, easy, and accurate slot-punching, this is your answer. Our heavy-duty model punches cards up to 60 mil.

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Electric Slot Punch - The electric slot punch is the perfect, hands-free solution for large-scale ID programs and includes a foot switch and adjustable centering guides.

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