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DiscountID.com January 2011 Newsletter
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  The Benefits of Lamination

When you have just started shopping for an ID card system it can feel like culture shock. DiscountID.com makes navigating the ID world easier by providing complete ID card systems that contain everything you need to start your ID card program, taking the guesswork out of finding system components.

Lamination is a simple feature with a big impact. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for sophisticated technology, DiscountID.com has a lamination solution for you. During the printing process, laminating ID card printers cover cards with a thin, translucent film. An economical alternative is self-adhesive laminates which are applied by hand and offer similar protection. Any card program can benefit from the added security and extended life that lamination provides.

In high-security card programs, tampering and illegal duplication attempts are some of the biggest threats. Lamination protects printed images and text with a clear barrier, making cards more difficult to tamper with or alter. Lamination also increases durability protecting cards from everyday wear and tear. Heavily used cards, or those used frequently in outdoor or hazardous environments will last longer with increased durability from lamination. Many laminates incorporate holograms for added visual security.

Single-sided lamination is an option for economical protection of cards with just one side of important information. Meanwhile, dual-sided lamination offers the utmost in durability for both sides of a card. In addition to laminating ID card printers, DiscountID carries all-inclusive ID card laminating systems, including those featured in this month’s Product Spotlight.

Shop DiscountID.com’s Laminating ID Card Printers and Laminating ID Card Systems. Not ready to upgrade to a new printer? Browse our hand-applied holographic overlays.

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  Product Spotlight: Fargo DTC4500 Laminating ID Card Systems

As evidenced above, lamination can provide a wide range of benefits for any ID card program. DiscountID.com created four ID card systems featuring the new dual-sided Fargo DTC4500 ID card printer. These systems provide an innovative and efficient laminating platform for creating secure and durable cards. The Fargo DTC4500 is well-equipped to handle the demands of high-volume printing with dual-input card hoppers and Ethernet connectivity. A variety of in-field upgrades including magnetic stripe encoding can add functionality to the printer at any time.

Value Laminating Systems – The Fargo Duplex DTC4500 Value Laminating System with single-sided lamination and the Fargo Duplex DTC4500 Value Dual Laminating System with dual-sided lamination are paired with AlphaCard Light ID card software, which provides an easy-to-use card design and database management platform. Both systems come with a photo ID camera, printer ribbon and blank ID cards.

Standard Laminating Systems – For more advanced functionality, AlphaCard Standard ID card software is included with the Fargo Duplex DTC4500 Standard Laminating System with single-sided lamination and the Fargo Duplex DTC4500 Standard Dual Laminating System with dual-sided lamination. Similar to the Value systems, the Standard systems also come with a photo ID camera, printer ribbon and blank ID cards – everything you need to start printing.
AlphaCard Light ID Card Software Version 5 AlphaCard AlphaTrack Standard ID Card Software Fargo DTC1000 Direct-to-Card ID Card Printer Fargo DTC4500 Direct-to-Card ID Card Printer
  January Promotion: Save 10% off all ID Printers and ID Card Systems

If you’re looking for an ID Printer or ID Card System, then January is the perfect time to take advantage of the savings available from DiscountID.com. Now through the end of the month save 10% off your entire order when you purchase an ID Printer or ID Card System.

This limited time offer is available for DiscountID.com’s entire selection of ID Printers and ID Card Systems. Choose from entry-level printers with single-sided printing or more advanced models with a range of sophisticated features including dual-sided printing and card encoding. DiscountID.com ID card systems come with everything you need to get your ID program up and running including an ID card printer, ID card software, a photo ID camera and printing supplies.

This offer is valid on qualifying orders placed between January 1, 2011 and January 31, 2011. Use promo code “JANSAVE10” at checkout to apply the 10% discount to your entire order with a printer or system. Visit DiscountID.com’s Promotions page for full details on the offer.

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