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did_2014_expiring_timebadgeID card systems are a key component to security for many businesses – they make it easy to identify staff and visitors in an emergency. But what are your options if you don’t want to print visitor badges?

Temporary badges may only be used for a few minutes or hours, so using your ID card printer to print durable, professional badges (like you create for an employee) don’t always make sense. But you don’t need to compromise your security – temp badges are a great alternative.

Expiring temp badges are designed to expire after a certain time, changing color so you can easily spot an expired visitor badge on someone not authorized to be in the building. You have several options to choose from including these large 3” x 2 5/8” badges, school-themed badges, and reusable badges.

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mag-stripeRewritable card printers use a unique temperature-sensitive card to print, erase, and reprint ID cards. Ideal for visitor management programs, this makes it cost-effective and quick to issue temporary visitor ID cards for your business or organization.

With a rewritable ID card printer you’ll be able to print and reprint on the same card up to 500 times – this means a pack of 100 cards is the equivalent of 500 traditional cards! The printing process works by heating up sections of the card in the design you want printed; the materials in the card react to the heat, and your design becomes visible. Then the card can be wiped clear when it’s returned, and a new design printed.

The printing process for this requires no ribbons or other materials, so your costs are reduced even more. This makes a rewritable card program great for organizations on a limited budget.

Do note that rewritable ID cards can only be printed in monochrome black or blue.

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BlogImage_TempBadgeIf your building gets many visitors every day, expiring visitor ID badges are an easy way to track visitors as they come and go. Designed to visibly expire after 24 hours with solid red lines or other designs that appear on the card, the badges make it easy for security personnel to identify unauthorized visitors.

Some expiring visitor ID badges are designed to be reused, with an expiring sticker that’s placed on a durable plastic card. This allows you to keep reusing the plastic badges, keeping costs low. For schools looking for affordable visitor badges, there are also school-themed expiring badges for visitors, volunteers, substitute teachers, and students.