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If you have a Mac computer, we have added new Mac-only software to DiscountID – AlphaCard Badge Builder for Mac! Available in four editions, Badge Builder has a wide range of features and options.

AlphaCard Badge Builder Editions

With four software editions, it’s easy to find a Badge Builder for every need.

AlphaCard Badge Builder Basic is entry-level software with a built-in database that holds up to 300 records (100 if you store photos on your database). It comes with pre-designed card templates, background designs, Clipart, and shapes for fast and easy card designing.

AlphaCard Badge Builder Standard is the most popular edition, designed for use by small to mid-sized organizations. The Standard edition has an unlimited built-in database, and options to connect an external XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TXT database. Standard also includes a built-in image editor and image effects.

AlphaCard Badge Builder Professional has a wide range of design and database options including image acquisition through SKD, multi-layout card designs, and OLE objects and photos on database records. With Professional, you can connect an external MSAccess or SQLite database.

AlphaCard Badge Builder Elite is the most advanced edition with user account management, audit reporting, and search (query) records. With Elite, you also have an ODBC connection to an external database.

Free Six-Week Software Trial

If you want to try out AlphaCard Badge Builder, download the free six-week trial today! This free trial works exactly like the full version of the software, except “DEMO” is printed across any cards you print. This trial allows you to try out all four versions of the software.

Once your trial is over, any card design and database information you created will be transferred over to your full edition of the software.

Download the free trial of AlphaCard Badge Builder for Mac.

If you have a Mac computer system you need to use for designing and printing ID cards, we recently added cardPresso Mac-compatible ID card design and database software to the DiscountID website!

Choose Your Edition

This Mac-compatible software is available in three editions, so you can select the features you need most!

cardPresso XS is an easy to use, entry-level software. It was a built-in database, or you can connect an external XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TXT database. The XS edition also has 1D and magnetic stripe encoding.

cardPresso XM has more advanced design and database features, including the ability to connect an external MSAccess or SQLite database. You can also encode 2D barcodes and acquire images through SDK.

cardPresso XL is the most advanced version, with the most design and database features. The XL edition allows ODBC connection to an external database, fingerprint capture, and user management.

System Requirements

cardPresso software is compatible with all ID card printers, and Mac OSX 10.5 and above. Your system must have a 64bit processor, 512MB of RAM, and 500MB of free hard drive space.

Shop cardPresso software today!

A complete ID card system comes with everything you need to design and print ID cards, all in one box. This makes it quick and easy to get all the supplies you need, but do you know what comes in a system?

The Printer

First, and most importantly, each system comes with a professional-level ID card printer. DiscountID offers card printers from entry-level to secure, high-volume printers from the industry’s leading manufactures. Choose a system featuring a card printer from Magicard, IDP, Fargo, Evolis, Zebra, and more.

The Software

Second is your card design software. This is what you will use you design cards, manage your cardholder database, and send card designs to the printer to be printed. With a wide range of features for designing everything from simple single-sided visitor passes to dual-sided student and staff ID cards, card software is the brain of your system.

The Supplies

Finally, your complete ID card system comes with the ribbons and blank cards you need to print ID cards. Most systems also include a digital ID camera to easily add cardholder photos to your cards.

To keep your new system running in top shape, you should also add a printer cleaning kit to help prevent damage to your printer.

If you are using old card software, you aren’t getting the most out of your system’s design, database, and security features. Upgrade your system to the newest AlphaCard ID Suite software today!

A Software Edition for Every Need

AlphaCard ID Suite comes in four editions, designed for everything from a small organization that prints one-off badges to large multi-site businesses with thousands of employees.

AlphaCard ID Suite Light is the entry-level edition, giving you basic card design and database options. This software uses a built-in database that can hold up to 200 records.

AlphaCard ID Suite Standard is the most popular edition, featuring a wide range of card design features and the option to connect an external database, or use the unlimited built-in database.

AlphaCard ID Suite Professional adds extra security and database features to your program, with fully supported biometrics and compatibility with MS SQL, MySQL, and SQLite databases.

AlphaCard ID Suite Elite is the most advanced edition, designed for large organizations that prize security. With this edition you can password protect your files, customize your user authorizations, and encode MIFARE cards.

Not sure which edition is best for you? Try AlphaCard ID Suite’s FREE software trial today!

acids-free-trialAlphaCard ID Suite v11 ID card software is the newest version of the popular AlphaCard ID Suite software, full of new features and functionality. If you haven’t upgraded yet, why not check out the free  software trial!

The software is available in the same editions as before, from Light to Elite, and the free trial allows you to demo each version so you can identify the one that fits your business perfectly without spending any money. The demo software works the exact same as a full license.

Card software is the brain of your ID card system, storing all your cardholder information and program data. Finding the right software that you can efficiently print cards will make your system so much easier to use – and a free trial allows you to try out all editions worry-free.

Download your FREE trial of AlphaCard ID Suite.

did_enduro-3e_systemA complete ID card system comes with the basic materials you need to start a new ID card program, but do you know what all those parts are and why you need them? The DiscountID team is here to help!


The ID card printer is the key piece of your new card system – it’s what will print, encode, and laminate your cards. Card printers come in a wide range of styles from manufactures including Magicard, Datacard, or Fargo.

Shop all ID card printers on DiscountID.


Your ID card printer can only print cards – to design cards or manage a database, you’ll need card-specific software. This software is designed for use with ID card printers and blank cards, and allow you to do everything from add cardholder photos and names to encode multifunctional cards.

Shop all software on DiscountID.


You’ll need two main supplies to print your cards, a ribbon and blank cards. In addition, you’ll need a cleaning kit to clean and maintain your printer and prevent dust and dirt from building up and damaging your printer.

Shop all ribbons and blank cards on DiscountID.

alphacard-id-suite-v11AlphaCard ID Suite, a leading card design and database software, recently launched the newest version of their software – get the newest software features, including Windows 10 compatibility!

What’s New in v11?

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 has many new features in addition to its Windows 10 compatibility. These include:
– Improved card design wizard
– Ability to copy, import & export card templates
– More design options including font weights
– Improved language translations
– Additional barcode functionality & ability to print high resolution barcodes
– Enhanced database functionality, including SQLite (Professional & Elite editions)
– Fully supported biometrics (Professional)
– Full Dymo label compatibility (Light)
– MIFARE DESFire improvements (Elite)
– Expanded contactless printer compatibility (Elite)

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 comes in all the editions you’ve come to rely on, from Light to Standard and Elite. In addition, the multi-user Business Server and Print Server editions were also updated with the AlphaCard ID Suite v11 product updates.

If you have a current version of AlphaCard ID Suite v10 your software will continue to work as normal – upgrading to v11 is optional, but takes only minutes and your current database and card designs will carry over to the new software. Contact DiscountID for more information.

Shop AlphaCard ID Suite v11 on DiscountID.

lightIf you’re new to ID card systems, selecting software can seem like an after-thought with all the research you may have put into the printer – but don’t overlook the importance of good software!

The card design and database software you choose should be user friendly, and have all the features you want for your ID cards and badges. If you’re new to card printing, or run a small card program, AlphaCard ID Suite Light edition is a great option for you.

With a built-in database that holds up to 200 records and a card design wizard, AlphaCard ID Suite Light is easy to use and has all the features for designing ID cards. You can include text, images, cardholder photos, barcodes, and encode magnetic stripes with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To help it fit into any business or organization, AlphaCard ID Suite has six language options, works with all PVC card printers, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Looking for more advanced options for your cards or database? AlphaCard ID Suite ID card software comes in several editions, from the Light edition up to the full featured Elite edition.

Not sure which software edition is best for you? Try the FREE six week AlphaCard ID Suite software trial.

ALPHACARDIDSOFTWARE_1AlphaCard ID Suite software is a great tool to design ID cards and store cardholder information. If you aren’t already using it, have you tried our free 6-week trial?

This free demo gives you access to all the versions of AlphaCard ID Suite, from Light up to Elite. We encourage you to play around with the different version and their features to find the best fit for your organization – each one offers slightly different design and database options.

This is a great option for organizations new to card design software, or for industries with specific database requirements. It also allows you to make sure the system works the way you want before purchasing, increasing your satisfaction.

The demo software functions exactly like the full version, with the exception of printing “DEMO” over the design and cardholder photo if you print a card.

What if you decide to purchase AlphaCard ID Suite after the free trial, but want to keep any cards you may have designed or information in the database? That’s easy – when you upgrade to the full version your information from the trial will automatically transfer over!

Start your FREE 6-week trial today.

ALPHACARDIDSOFTWARE_1AlphaCard ID Suite software has been added to our online store and all ID card systems! This new software is available in Light, Standard, Professional, and Elite editions and brings new user friendly design features and database management options to your ID card program.

Available in either single license editions or multi-license business editions, AlphaCard ID suite is specially designed for business users. The Standard Edition makes it easy to include signatures in your card designs, while the Elite Edition can do advanced MIFARE encoding. All editions include a easy card design guide and several pre-designed card templates.

Shop AlphaCard ID Suite card design software today.