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Starting this month, students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will be switching over from magnetic stripe cards to contactless chip smart cards! These cards are popular with schools because of their use as multifunctioanl IDs and their long lifespan.

Benefits of Contactless Cards

One important feature of the new 49er ID cards are their longer lifespans! Magnetic stripe cards need to be physically swiped each time they are used, and constantly taking cards in and out of wallets and swiping them can cause a lot of wear and tear over time.

Chip cards, however, do not need to physically be run through a card reader to work – simply tap them against a card reader. This saves the university and students time and money by not replacing ID cards as often.

Additionally, the 49er ID cards will now be printed with a clear overlay to extend the card life even more.

The new cards are made from ISO-compliant materials, so they can still be printed on using an ID card printer.

Learn more about the new cards on the UNC Charlotte website.

placeholder_cardsFor smart cards, you can’t beat the easy of magnetic stripe encoding. Most ID card printers have an optional magnetic stripe encoding module, and card design software makes it easy to add your data. But when adding magnetic stripe cards to your ID card program, do you know the difference between HiCo and LoCo cards?

LoCo cards, or low coercivity, have a magnetic stripe that is encoded with a lower strength magnetic field. This makes the cards ideal for short-term use, like hotel room keys which will be erased and re-encoded after every use.

HiCo cards, or high coercivity cards, have a stronger magnetic stripe. This allows the cards to hold data for longer periods of time, and also makes the data more secure. HiCo cards are best used for payment cards like college meal plans or ATM cards.