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BlogImage_Magicard-Rio-Pro-ID-Card-PrinterAre you looking for an ID card printer with a powerful built-in security feature? Magicard’s HoloKote adds a watermark over your printed cards, making it easier to tell authentic cards from those that are duplicates or have been tampered with.

The best part about the HoloKote feature is the price – which is nothing! The HoloKote tool uses the exact same supplies you already need to print ID cards (blank cards and ribbon) to create the watermark, so you don’t have to pay extra.

On the Magicard Pronto and Enduro3E printers, you have access to the standard HoloKote watermarks. You select from a list of pre-designed watermark patterns, although you can adjust the orientation to work with both horizontal and vertical card designs. Choose from an Ultrasecure Key, Interlocking Cube, Globes, or Waves pattern.

With the Rio Pro ID card printers, you can choose to use the standard watermarks (with the addition of a Cubes pattern) or design your own. This custom watermark is only used by your ID card program, making it even easier to tell if the cards are authentic.

The Rio Pro printers also give you access to HoloKote Flex, which allows you to change the size and location of the watermark.

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School ID BadgeIt’s now August, which means teachers and school districts across the country are getting ready for the new school year. Do you have all the supplies and ID accessories you need to start the year?

Complete ID Systems

If your school is looking to update or replace an old ID card system, DiscountID has many great options at low prices. Shop our selection of ID card systems and find the best systems from leading manufacturers including Magicard, Datacard, Fargo, Evolis, and Zebra.

Complete ID card systems are a great option because they contain everything you need to get started: a printer, software, blank cards, and ribbon.

Visitor ID Badges

For security purposes, most schools now require all visitors to check in with the front office and get a visitor badge when they enter the building. These expiring visitor management cards let you know instantly if the visitor is authorized or not – once the card has expired it will show the expiration pattern and students, staff, and security personnel can report anyone in the building with an expired pass.

ID Card Accessories

If your school requires teachers to display ID cards while working, you’ll need an ID card accessory. Lanyards are always popular because the work with any style of clothing from casual to uniforms, and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns.

If you want something that prevents the ID card from hanging down and potentially getting in your way while working, try a badge reel. These easily attach to your clothing using a traditional clip or pocket clip.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDUsing a new bond, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston has upgraded an old ID system to a faster, streamlined RFID system district-wide. The new cards are currently in place on over half the school campuses, and are helping streamline school services in two key ways.

Busses & Transportation

The school district busses 78,000 students per day – with the new RFID cards the system will automatically update when a student enters and exits the bus by scanning those cards. This allows the school to gather exact data on how and when students are using the busses so they can better design their bus system.

Additionally, it lets the school and parents know instantly if a student gets on the bus in the morning, and gets off the bus at the correct stop.

Shorter Lines

The previous system required users to enter a six-digit code to access their student accounts to pay for lunch or check out materials in the library. The new cards are much faster, speeding up lines and reducing wasted time.

Learn more about the new student ID cards at the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District.

1If you would never leave the house without your phone, have you thought about turning it into your access control device? HID i-Class tags are small adhesive smart tags that work the same way your access control cards do, but you can stick them to whatever you want, including phones!

Access control is a great way to limit access to your building or a secured room, and is quickly replacing traditional keys due to their ease of use. But if you forget your card at home, or lose your wallet, you won’t be able to unlock the door.

With smart phones such an integral part of our lives now, however, few people will leave the house without their phone. Combining phone and access control will help ensure you can always get into your building, giving you one less thing to worry about finding in the mornings.

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eagle-overlay-PVC-OVL-EAG-250Get additional visual security for your ID cards without the cost of a lamination upgrade – use hologram stickers! Quickly identified security features, which include holograms, make it easier for your security personnel to recognize authorized cards or spot tampered with or illegally duplicated cards.

If your business has secured areas with limited access, visual security should be an integral part of your card program.

Some hologram stickers are the size of a standard ID card, allowing them to cover the entire card surface like these Eagle-designed ones. This adds an extra layer of protection to your card, and provides more protection for all the cardholder information from tampering. When applying these types of hologram overlays, make sure to line up the corners and edges of the overlam with the card.

If you don’t want a large sticker, you can also choose from smaller stickers in a wide range of patterns, like these oval stickers with a tamper evident “dot” pattern. Small stickers like these are quicker and easier to apply, a factor to consider if you need to apply them to hundreds or thousands of cards.

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newspaper_BLOG_DIDTo protect minors from harmful products, such as alcohol, tobacco, or fireworks, many countries put age restrictions on them and require stores to card anyone who looks below a certain age, say 25. But how can we ensure minors have proper ID cards?

Starting in 2011, London’s Trading Standards and Public Health Department created a program to issue Proof of Age London (PAL) cards to all 17 and 18 year old students. The initial program offered the cards for free, and will charge for cards going forward. These cards are designed to comply with the countries Proof of Age Standards Scheme, founded in 2001.

The PASS program utilizes 17 card providers around the country to print authorized ID cards. Each card is printed with a unique hologram to make them easy to identify and hard to illegally duplicate.

These cards provide benefits to both students and store owners – students get an ID card, and stores can card customers to ensure minors don’t access restricted items.

Here in the United States, many students use their driver’s license or permit as proof of their age. If your child doesn’t have a driver’s license, he or she can get a government-issued ID card instead. It may seem like a pain when you’re a teen to deal with these cards, but protecting minors is worth the hassle.

Learn more on the CR80News site.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDLast summer we reported on a new security measure taken by the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation department, when the required all youth sports coaches to undergo background checks and wear visible ID badges while working. Starting this summer, the Twin Falls School District is also stepping up their security measures to protect the city’s children.

This summer the school district will begin installing new security cameras and card readers at 13 campuses. All teachers and school administrators will have key cards to access the buildings, but during school hours only the front entrances will be usable by the public. This allows the school to monitor who is entering the buildings, an important step in ensuring student safety.

The district is making the switch to electronic key cards because they offer several important advantages over tradition keys, most importantly the fact that they can be remotely activated and deactivated. This means a stolen or lost key card can be turned off, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering the building.

At a cost of $1.3 million for all the upgrades, this is an expensive but necessary upgrade to the Twin Falls School District. Learn more the new security measures.

Twin Falls, Idaho is now a safer place for youth sports, as coaches are required to don visible ID badges while out on the field.   Twin Falls Park and Recreation implemented the change in safety to become effective this year, demonstrating the department’s commitment to protecting children who participate in youth sports.  After coaches pass an extensive background check, they’re then given a badge to display so that youth participants and their parents know the coach is permitted to be on the field. We think this is a smart idea!

sports balls

newspaper_BLOG_DIDSchools in Cincinnati’s largest public school district are trying out a new card technology to help parents and schools keep track of children. When students get on or off the school bus they swipe an ID card with an RFID chip, and a computer program instantly texts the child’s parents. This new ZPass program can also be used to track and report on bus rider numbers, traffic problems, and missing children.

Other schools around the country are also implementing new ID card programs with RFID chips for everything from checking out library books and buying lunch to tracking attendance and student locations within school buildings.

While many schools are not using ID card programs like these, a basic student and staff ID card program can still add security to your district. Shop DisountID.com ID systems now!

BlogImage_TempBadgeIf your building gets many visitors every day, expiring visitor ID badges are an easy way to track visitors as they come and go. Designed to visibly expire after 24 hours with solid red lines or other designs that appear on the card, the badges make it easy for security personnel to identify unauthorized visitors.

Some expiring visitor ID badges are designed to be reused, with an expiring sticker that’s placed on a durable plastic card. This allows you to keep reusing the plastic badges, keeping costs low. For schools looking for affordable visitor badges, there are also school-themed expiring badges for visitors, volunteers, substitute teachers, and students.