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A complete ID card system comes with everything you need to design and print ID cards, all in one box. This makes it quick and easy to get all the supplies you need, but do you know what comes in a system?

The Printer

First, and most importantly, each system comes with a professional-level ID card printer. DiscountID offers card printers from entry-level to secure, high-volume printers from the industry’s leading manufactures. Choose a system featuring a card printer from Magicard, IDP, Fargo, Evolis, Zebra, and more.

The Software

Second is your card design software. This is what you will use you design cards, manage your cardholder database, and send card designs to the printer to be printed. With a wide range of features for designing everything from simple single-sided visitor passes to dual-sided student and staff ID cards, card software is the brain of your system.

The Supplies

Finally, your complete ID card system comes with the ribbons and blank cards you need to print ID cards. Most systems also include a digital ID camera to easily add cardholder photos to your cards.

To keep your new system running in top shape, you should also add a printer cleaning kit to help prevent damage to your printer.

DIDBlogImage_cameraThe main reason to add photos to your ID cards is to make it easy to identify the cardholder – but how do you take a clear photo that makes identifying people easy? A few basic supplies will help!

Photo ID Camera

First off, you’ll need some sort of camera. We have a variety of photo ID cameras on DiscountID you can easily bundle with your card system at purchase – these are designed to work with your ID card software and printer.

But you can also import photos from a digital camera or other camera if you store the files on the computer to access with your software.


Keeping the camera steady and level is an essential step to taking good photos. This helps you frame the subject the same way for every photo, even if your location changes. Tripods are available in small sizes, making them easy to pack up and move.


Lighting is perhaps the most important factor in taking clear, focused photos. The fluorescent lighting so common in office environments is not your friend when taking cardholder photos – instead opt for a light kit with a flash and diffuser.

Or if that’s not an option, place a desk lamp near your subject to better illuminate the photo and off-set the harshness of overhead fluorescent lights.


Finally, if you want every cardholder photo to have the same background, you’ll need to invest in a background. A portable background with stand is easy to store when not in use, and allows you to maintain consistent photo standards even when you take photos in another location.

Having the same background color in every photo has several advantages – it allows you to easily spot fake cards if the background color is wrong, and keeps the focus on the person’s face instead of a distracting background.

DIDBlogImage_cameraAdding cardholder photos to your ID cards make them distinctive and ideal for cardholder identification, but it can be hard to consistently get clear, focused portraits. Here are some tips from our ID experts that can help you take clear photos:

  1. Uniform background – Using the same background for all your cardholder photos makes it easier to have a uniform look and design for all your photo ID cards. Bold colored backgrounds can also make your photos distinctive, so you can tell cards apart from unauthorized duplication with a quick glance. Portable backgrounds are convenient for travel, so you can take uniform photos in any location.
  2. LightingID cameras with a flash make it simple to take photos that clearly identify the cardholder. A flash gives you flexibility in where and when you can take photos, so you’re not limited by the time of day or bleak overhead lighting.
  3. Tripods – To help you take clear photos, a tripod is essential for keeping the camera level and steady. Adjustable tripods are great for taking photos in multiple locations because you can adjust it to fit on the floor or on a desk.

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lohc2701_1_When using cardholder photos in your ID card designs, it’s important to have clear photos to make identifying the person easier. The new Logitech C270 Digital ID Camera makes taking clear ID card photos a snap with the new Fluid Crystal Technology.

Fluid Crystal Technology allows the Logitech C270 to capture crisper, true-to-life colors in your photos, preventing the image from being washed out or appearing faded. Your images will also be sharper and more detailed with the HD megapixel resolution. The camera features USB 2.0 connectivity, and works with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.

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