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did_2014_expiring_timebadgeID card systems are a key component to security for many businesses – they make it easy to identify staff and visitors in an emergency. But what are your options if you don’t want to print visitor badges?

Temporary badges may only be used for a few minutes or hours, so using your ID card printer to print durable, professional badges (like you create for an employee) don’t always make sense. But you don’t need to compromise your security – temp badges are a great alternative.

Expiring temp badges are designed to expire after a certain time, changing color so you can easily spot an expired visitor badge on someone not authorized to be in the building. You have several options to choose from including these large 3” x 2 5/8” badges, school-themed badges, and reusable badges.

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eagle-overlay-PVC-OVL-EAG-250Get additional visual security for your ID cards without the cost of a lamination upgrade – use hologram stickers! Quickly identified security features, which include holograms, make it easier for your security personnel to recognize authorized cards or spot tampered with or illegally duplicated cards.

If your business has secured areas with limited access, visual security should be an integral part of your card program.

Some hologram stickers are the size of a standard ID card, allowing them to cover the entire card surface like these Eagle-designed ones. This adds an extra layer of protection to your card, and provides more protection for all the cardholder information from tampering. When applying these types of hologram overlays, make sure to line up the corners and edges of the overlam with the card.

If you don’t want a large sticker, you can also choose from smaller stickers in a wide range of patterns, like these oval stickers with a tamper evident “dot” pattern. Small stickers like these are quicker and easier to apply, a factor to consider if you need to apply them to hundreds or thousands of cards.

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placeholder_cardsMost ID cards seem to be the same size, but do you know what that is? A standard ID card is a CR80 30mil, and we’re here to help you understand that.

A CR80 card is the same size as your debit or credit card – measuring 3.375” x 2.125”. All ID card printers can print on this size, while not every printer can handle larger or smaller cards. And the 30mil refers to the thickness of the card.

So if that’s a standard card, what are your other options? Cards can be as thin as 10mil, and these are often used as more durable and professional-looking business cards. Some cards can be as thick as 50mil.

Cards can also be larger or smaller than the CR80 size. CR79 cards, for example, are slightly smaller and have adhesive backs so they can be printed and applied to a CR80 card (a popular choice for smart card or technology cards that can’t be printed on). And for event passes and ticketing, cards can be up to four inches long.

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Twin Falls, Idaho is now a safer place for youth sports, as coaches are required to don visible ID badges while out on the field.   Twin Falls Park and Recreation implemented the change in safety to become effective this year, demonstrating the department’s commitment to protecting children who participate in youth sports.  After coaches pass an extensive background check, they’re then given a badge to display so that youth participants and their parents know the coach is permitted to be on the field. We think this is a smart idea!

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placeholder_cardsFor smart cards, you can’t beat the easy of magnetic stripe encoding. Most ID card printers have an optional magnetic stripe encoding module, and card design software makes it easy to add your data. But when adding magnetic stripe cards to your ID card program, do you know the difference between HiCo and LoCo cards?

LoCo cards, or low coercivity, have a magnetic stripe that is encoded with a lower strength magnetic field. This makes the cards ideal for short-term use, like hotel room keys which will be erased and re-encoded after every use.

HiCo cards, or high coercivity cards, have a stronger magnetic stripe. This allows the cards to hold data for longer periods of time, and also makes the data more secure. HiCo cards are best used for payment cards like college meal plans or ATM cards.

BlogImage_TempBadgeIf your building gets many visitors every day, expiring visitor ID badges are an easy way to track visitors as they come and go. Designed to visibly expire after 24 hours with solid red lines or other designs that appear on the card, the badges make it easy for security personnel to identify unauthorized visitors.

Some expiring visitor ID badges are designed to be reused, with an expiring sticker that’s placed on a durable plastic card. This allows you to keep reusing the plastic badges, keeping costs low. For schools looking for affordable visitor badges, there are also school-themed expiring badges for visitors, volunteers, substitute teachers, and students.

In Lubbock Texas, the Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) has decided to take the important step of implementing an ID program for its students and faculty members. Schools within the district such as Coronado High School have enrollments of up to 2,160 students, a huge number of people to identify and keep track of without modern identification.

With so many young people in one place the obvious and most important implication of having strong ID is security. In particular, the ability to quickly and reliably ascertain an individual’s identity raises accountability and allows a rapid assessment of whether they belong on school grounds or within restricted areas. As stated by the district’s police chief, if but one crime is prevented, the program will be worthwhile.

LISD also recognizes that the benefits of their new ID program extend beyond just added security. By including advanced badge features the IDs will simplify and streamline the student experience through their use in purchasing meals, checking out books, and gaining access to events and the school itself. Additionally, understanding that the days of a faculty member learning every students name unassisted are long gone, LISD looks forward to the benefit IDs will provide in student-faculty familiarization.

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