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BlogImage_Magicard-Rio-Pro-ID-Card-PrinterAre you looking for an ID card printer with a powerful built-in security feature? Magicard’s HoloKote adds a watermark over your printed cards, making it easier to tell authentic cards from those that are duplicates or have been tampered with.

The best part about the HoloKote feature is the price – which is nothing! The HoloKote tool uses the exact same supplies you already need to print ID cards (blank cards and ribbon) to create the watermark, so you don’t have to pay extra.

On the Magicard Pronto and Enduro3E printers, you have access to the standard HoloKote watermarks. You select from a list of pre-designed watermark patterns, although you can adjust the orientation to work with both horizontal and vertical card designs. Choose from an Ultrasecure Key, Interlocking Cube, Globes, or Waves pattern.

With the Rio Pro ID card printers, you can choose to use the standard watermarks (with the addition of a Cubes pattern) or design your own. This custom watermark is only used by your ID card program, making it even easier to tell if the cards are authentic.

The Rio Pro printers also give you access to HoloKote Flex, which allows you to change the size and location of the watermark.

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eagle-overlay-PVC-OVL-EAG-250Get additional visual security for your ID cards without the cost of a lamination upgrade – use hologram stickers! Quickly identified security features, which include holograms, make it easier for your security personnel to recognize authorized cards or spot tampered with or illegally duplicated cards.

If your business has secured areas with limited access, visual security should be an integral part of your card program.

Some hologram stickers are the size of a standard ID card, allowing them to cover the entire card surface like these Eagle-designed ones. This adds an extra layer of protection to your card, and provides more protection for all the cardholder information from tampering. When applying these types of hologram overlays, make sure to line up the corners and edges of the overlam with the card.

If you don’t want a large sticker, you can also choose from smaller stickers in a wide range of patterns, like these oval stickers with a tamper evident “dot” pattern. Small stickers like these are quicker and easier to apply, a factor to consider if you need to apply them to hundreds or thousands of cards.

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eagle-overlay-PVC-OVL-EAG-250If you need to add visual security elements to your ID cards but don’t have a laminating printer, hologram stickers may be the perfect solution. These self-adhesive stickers come in a variety of designs and sizes to work with any card design, and can be applied to any ID card after printing.

Visual security like holograms makes it easier to identify authentic cards, improving security and deterring would-be counterfeiters. Sticker holograms can be added to cards that were already printed, making it easy to upgrade the security on older cards without having to re-print them.

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