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Evolis ID card printers come in a range of styles to fit any budget and card printing need – and DiscountID has all the supplies you need to keep printing with your Evolis printer.

Evolis ID Card Printers

Evolis ID card printers come in a range of styles, from entry-level hand feed printers up to the powerful Quantum 2 with 500 card input and output hoppers.

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Evolis Ribbons

To print ID cards, you’ll need a colored Evolis ribbon – either a full color YMCKO ribbon, or a monochrome one. These ribbons come in all formats including full-color ribbons for single and dual-sided printing, half-panel ribbons, and monochrome ribbons.

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Evolis Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your printer regularly is the key to making sure it works well for years to come. You should only use the manufacturer recommended cleaning kits for your printer to prevent damage to the printer.

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did_avansia_system_image_1Are you looking to start or grow a high-volume ID card system, and want quality ID cards that will last? The newest printer from Evolis, the Avansia Reverse Transfer printer, may be the one for you!

Reverse transfer printers use a special technology to print high image quality ID cards. The card design is first printed onto a clear film, and then that film is applied to the surface of the card. This allows the design to be truly edge to edge, and have greater detail than traditional dye sublimation printers.

The Avansia features dual-sided printing, 250 card input and output hoppers for batch printing, and a three year manufacturer warranty.

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We have some good news to share from Evolis. There is a new ID card printer on the horizon. The forthcoming Zenius offers quick, quiet card printing and boasts an innovative cube-like design. It is both light and portable, making it easy to print cards on location.

In addition to high quality printing, the Evolis Zenius can be upgraded to encode magnetic stripe cards. This economical card technology is an affordable solution to creating transit cards, university ID cards, employee badges and more. The speedy Zenius prints 120 to 150 color cards per hour or 400 to 500 monochrome cards per hour, making it well suited for high volume print loads. Conveniently, the included input and output card hoppers are situated on the front of the printer for easy access. Yet the Evolis Zenius offers a manual feeding mode for one off printing as well.

Refreshingly easy to use, the Zenius is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing printers on the market. In fact, it is available in two colors. Choose fire red accents for a little personality, or subtle smoky grey accents that fit into environment.

The ingenious Evolis Zenius will be available soon.