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UntitledHow you display, or wear, an ID card can make a huge difference in how easy or not it is access your card all day long – if you need to scan or show the card multiple times, you need it easily at hand.

But what are your options to keep it quickly accessible without letting it get in your way?


Lanyards are a popular choice because they are so easy to use – they can be worn with any uniform or outfit because it is work like a necklace, not clipped onto the cardholder’s clothing. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, lanyards are used by businesses in every industry.

One downside of lanyards, however, is that they may get in your way as you work. Lanyards can move around throughout the day, and will hang down if you lean forward (possible hitting a patient if you work in healthcare, for example).

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Badge Reels

Badge reels clip into your clothing either with a strap clip or belt clip. Also available in a wide range of colors and styles, reels are just as easy to use as a lanyard.

Their clip design holds the badge closer to your person during work, reducing the chances of it swinging in your way. But with especially delicate fabric the clips may pull or snag your clothing.

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Badge Holders

A badge holder are used to protect your ID cards – by putting them in a plastic holder you can prevent damage to the cards and prolong their life. Most badge holders have a slot at the top to attach to another ID accessory like a lanyard, reel, or strap clip, but some have clips on the back.

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Strap Clips

Strap clips are small, flexible clips that slide through the slot of your card or badge holder and snap closed to secure your ID card. Then you simply clip it onto your clothing or bag. Strap clips are quick and easy to use, a popular choice for visitor badges and other temporary IDs.

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Clips, Pins, Magnets

In addition to the main accessories, you can use a variety of clips, pins, or magnets. Some clips have adhesive backs so you can stick it right to the ID card or badge holder.

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BlogImage_ID-AccessoryPack-100ID accessories help you wear your ID cards – an essential feature if your cards need to be visible or easily accessible while working. What’s the best way to stock up on accessories? An accessory pack!

ID accessory packs have everything you need in one convenient pack. These DiscountID.com packs come in two sizes – 100 and 500 packs – so you’ll always have accessories on hand for issuing new ID cards.

Each pack comes with breakaway lanyards in your choice of color, strap clips to attach to the ID cards, and a slot punch to punch the cards.

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economical-badge-reelsID badge lanyards are extremely popular accessories because they are easy to wear and use. But don’t be limited by just lanyards – there are many alternative ID accessories to explore!

Badge Reels

ID badge reels clip onto your clothing, making them a great alterative for workplaces with safety requirements that won’t allow you to wear a lanyard. Popular with healthcare and corrections workers, a reel can clip onto your clothing or slide onto a pocket and the retractable cord keeps the cards close at hand without getting in your way.

Reels come in a wide range of styles including colorful patterns and durable heavy-duty models. The type of clip and the card attachment can change from reel to reel, so you can always find one that works for your ID card program.

Strap Clips

ID badge strap clips work the slipping a strap through the hole in your card (or in the card holder) and snapping it closed to lock the card into the strap clip. Then you clip the badge to your clothing anywhere you need – these strap clips work will with jackets, collared shirts, pockets, and more.

Worried about the clip damaging your clothing? Look for a style of strap clip with a clothing-friendly clip made from plastic or with a flat edge that won’t tear delicate fabrics.

Clips, Pins & More

Want even more variety in your ID accessories? Try out clips, pins, magnets, and more! From strong magnetic attachments to bar pins, you’ll find everything you need to easily display your ID cards.

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UntitledLanyards are a popular ID accessory because they are easy to use, but you still have many other choices when it comes to displaying your ID cards that won’t damage the cardholder’s clothing.


Strap clips are made from vinyl strips with a clip on one end – you run the vinyl through a card’s slot punch, clip the strap closed, and clip it to your jacket, shirt, or bag. Most clips are metal, but if you’re worried about tearing delicate fabrics, look for strap clips with rubber tips.

You’ll also find these clips attached to badge holders, and on badge reels.


Magnetic attachments are another option that won’t punch a hole in your clothing. You attach the magnet to the card or badge holder with the tape on the back side.

Magnets do add a lot of weight to ID cards, so they can cause some pulling on thin fabrics and work well on jackets are more structured fabric.

Belt Clips

A common option for badge reels, belt clips slide onto your clothing without pinning through the fabric. They are most commonly worn on pockets. This also makes them quick and easy to remove, a great choice for visitor programs where the badge will be worn for a short time.

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BlogImage_Standard-Badge-Lanyards-2137-50xxLanyards make it easy for cardholders to keep their ID card handy all day long, and are commonly used for employee ID cards, payment cards, and building access cards. But when shopping for lanyards, do you know which lanyard clip type you want?

Swivel hook attachments are a popular choice because it’s easy to get cards or other items on and off. If you’re going to hold several cards, keys, or other items on your lanyard however, a split ring may work better for your cardholders.

If your badges get taken on and off the lanyards during the day, a bulldog clip may work best–you just need to squeeze it to open and close. Wide plastic hooks work well with cards that have a horizontal slop punch, and a badge reel makes it easy to swipe your cards for payment or building access without taking the lanyard off.

BlogImage_ID-AccessoryPack-100Available in 100 or 500 bundles, ID accessory packs come with everything you need to easily display or wear your ID cards. Visible ID cards add safety and efficiency to your ID program by keeping the cards easily at hand. Match the lanyards to your school colors or company logo for added style; choose from black, green, navy blue, red, or royal blue.

ID accessory packs come with breakaway lanyards, strap clips to attach your ID cards to the lanyards, and a slot punch.

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