did_fargo-dtc5500lmx-alt1If you’re looking for a high volume ID capable of printing professional, high-quality dual-sided cards with lamination, try the newest printer from Fargo, the DTC5500LMX ID card printer!

Powerful Lamination Options

The Fargo DTC5500LMX has a unique approach to lamination. It comes standard as a dual-sided lamination printer with no upgrades to go from single to dual-sided. If you are using the same lamination film on both the front and the backs of the cards (for example, both sides use a clear, full-sized lamination), you are good to go with the basic model.

If you want to use two different lamination styles, however, you will need to upgrade to the dual-material lamination option. This allows you to do a full-size film on the front of the card and a magnetic stripe and signature panel film on the back. Or a film with a built-in holographic image on the front, and a standard clear film on the back.

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Upgrade Options

This printer has several upgrade options including a WiFi module, locking card hoppers to protect your card system, and magnetic and smart card encoding.

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School ID BadgeIt’s now August, which means teachers and school districts across the country are getting ready for the new school year. Do you have all the supplies and ID accessories you need to start the year?

Complete ID Systems

If your school is looking to update or replace an old ID card system, DiscountID has many great options at low prices. Shop our selection of ID card systems and find the best systems from leading manufacturers including Magicard, Datacard, Fargo, Evolis, and Zebra.

Complete ID card systems are a great option because they contain everything you need to get started: a printer, software, blank cards, and ribbon.

Visitor ID Badges

For security purposes, most schools now require all visitors to check in with the front office and get a visitor badge when they enter the building. These expiring visitor management cards let you know instantly if the visitor is authorized or not – once the card has expired it will show the expiration pattern and students, staff, and security personnel can report anyone in the building with an expired pass.

ID Card Accessories

If your school requires teachers to display ID cards while working, you’ll need an ID card accessory. Lanyards are always popular because the work with any style of clothing from casual to uniforms, and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns.

If you want something that prevents the ID card from hanging down and potentially getting in your way while working, try a badge reel. These easily attach to your clothing using a traditional clip or pocket clip.

Badge Buddy - HorizontalSecurity is a top priority in the healthcare industry – healthcare professionals have access to private patient information, medical supplies, and drugs. Adding Badge Buddies can help you improve security.

What’s a Badge Buddy? These pre-printed cards with titles like Doctor, RN, and NA are bright, eye-catching ID badge accessories. Healthcare workers are already required to display photo ID badges while working, and a Badge Buddy worn behind that photo ID makes it easier to spot works from a distance because of the color-coordinated system.

This is helpful for other healthcare workers looking for a specific person, but also for security guards and patients and their families when looking for help from someone.

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DID_Blog_Image_CardStockBlank ID cards come in a wide range of options – do you know what style you need? That will depend on your card printer and how the card is used, but we’ve put together a quick guide to get you started.

PVC Cards

Plain blank ID cards are made from PVC plastic, or sometimes a PVC/Poly plastic combo. This makes the cards flexible and durable. Blank cards come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles.

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Encoded Cards

Encoded cards include magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, RFID chip cards, and proximity cards – any sort of card that can store and transmit data.

These types of cards have a wide range of uses including school ID cards for paying for lunch and checking out library books, building key cards, time and attendance tracking cards, mass transit passes for the bus or subway, gift cards, and more.

Shop access control cards, or magnetic stripe cards.

Rewritable Cards

Rewritable cards are designed for specialized use, with specific ID card printers. With these cards you can print (in black or blue monochrome only) an ID card, then erase it and reprint on the same card – up to 500 times per card.

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enzxp71-s_zebra-zxp-series-7-single-sided-printer_1Lamination is an optional upgrade for many ID card printers, but it’s an essential feature if you need long-lasting, durable ID cards. And with options for holographic images, it can increase security too!

Laminating your ID cards has many benefits including a longer lifespan for the cards, resistance to daily wear and tear and scratched, and protection from the sun that can fade un-laminated cards faster.

And if you need to add a level of visual security, lamination film comes in the standard clear or with holographic images embedded. These holographs make it easier to identify cards and spot tampering.

Considering lamination? Try the Zebra ZXP Series 7. Or if you high quality printing, the HDP5000 ID card printer uses reverse transfer print technology.

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BlogImage_Fargo-ID-Card-Printer-Cleaning-Kit-86177The last time we talked about cleaning your ID card printer, it was to add that task to your spring cleaning list. But you need to clean the printer more than once per year to keep it running!

Printer cleaning kits are specially designed to get dirt, dust, and debris out of your printer to keep it running. Even in a typical office environment, far from a field or forest, dust can still build up that causes problems. From print quality issues to actually breaking a part, dirt can cause serious problems.

To clean your printer, you’ll only need all the supplies that come in your cleaning kit. These kits will include things like alcohol-soaked cards, swabs, and wipes.

Cleaning your printer will keep your print quality high, and prevent damage to your printer – so don’t wait!

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placeholder_ribbonsYour ID card printer needs ribbons to print your cards – and DiscountID makes it easy and affordable to find all the printer ribbons you need to print any card design from monochrome to full color.

You can shop ID ribbons by brand: Datacard ribbons, Evolis ribbons, Fargo ribbons, Magicard ribbons, and Zebra ribbons. You can also shop all overlaminate films.

What if you don’t know what ribbon you need? No need to worry, at the top of the Ribbons & Supplies page you’ll find our handy Ribbon & Supply Finder!

This tool makes it easy to find the ribbons for your ID card printer. First, select the printer brand from the drop down menu; then just select your printer model in the second drop down menu and hit “Find Supplies.” You’ll instantly get a list of the ribbons compatible with your card printer.

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DIDBlogImage_cameraThe main reason to add photos to your ID cards is to make it easy to identify the cardholder – but how do you take a clear photo that makes identifying people easy? A few basic supplies will help!

Photo ID Camera

First off, you’ll need some sort of camera. We have a variety of photo ID cameras on DiscountID you can easily bundle with your card system at purchase – these are designed to work with your ID card software and printer.

But you can also import photos from a digital camera or other camera if you store the files on the computer to access with your software.


Keeping the camera steady and level is an essential step to taking good photos. This helps you frame the subject the same way for every photo, even if your location changes. Tripods are available in small sizes, making them easy to pack up and move.


Lighting is perhaps the most important factor in taking clear, focused photos. The fluorescent lighting so common in office environments is not your friend when taking cardholder photos – instead opt for a light kit with a flash and diffuser.

Or if that’s not an option, place a desk lamp near your subject to better illuminate the photo and off-set the harshness of overhead fluorescent lights.


Finally, if you want every cardholder photo to have the same background, you’ll need to invest in a background. A portable background with stand is easy to store when not in use, and allows you to maintain consistent photo standards even when you take photos in another location.

Having the same background color in every photo has several advantages – it allows you to easily spot fake cards if the background color is wrong, and keeps the focus on the person’s face instead of a distracting background.

DID-Low-Price-GuaranteeDiscountID offers a wide range of ID card printers, systems, printer supplies, and ID accessories at the best prices – with our low price guarantee and free shipping , why would you shop anywhere else?

Low Price Guarantee

DiscountID offers a low price guarantee – so if you find a better price for one of our items, we’ll beat it! You’ll just need to call or email us with a link to the competitor’s site, or quote, with the lower price.  And if you’ve already purchased the item, we’ll give you an adjustment if it’s within 14 days of purchase.

Free Shipping

We’re happy to offer free shipping to customers in the 48 contiguous United States with orders of $100 or more – simply select Super Saver Shipping when you’re checking out!

did_zebra-zxpseries1_system_2What happens if you have a single-sided printer that’s still working great and doesn’t need to be replaced, but you now want to print dual-sided cards? Don’t worry – you can still use it!

While it will take more time than just printing dual-sided cards on a dual-sided printer, you can still use the single-sided printer and supplies you already have to produce dual-sided cards with your current printer.

First, decide if you want to print each card individually, or batch print one side of the cards if they all have the same design. You should print each card individually if both the front and back will have custom information unique to each cardholder. If one side if always the same however, such as your business name and logo, you can batch print a large amount of the cards with the design before you start.

Printing Individual Cards

If you’ll be printing each card individually, your new printing process will have several steps. First, select the design, fill in any information as needed, and print the front of the card.

Once it is done, take the card and put it back into your printer a second time to print on the back side. Select the design for this second side, and again fill in any information as needed. Once the card goes through a second time, you will have a dual-sided card on a single-sided printer.

Batch Printing

To batch print the cards, first print as many cards as you want with the static design all your cards will have. Then you can either immediately flip the cards, put them back in the printer, and select your design and print the back side of the cards, or you can store the cards until you need to print a new card with the back design.

This process is useful for many businesses. For example, a membership program for a retail store may want to batch print one hundred cards with their business name and information on the front, and then print each new member’s card as needed with their information when they join the program.

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