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Can I have more than one shipping address?

Yes. You can specify as many shipping addresses as you want.

How can I add a shipping address to my address list?

Visit the “Address Book” section of the My Account page. From there you may click on the “Add New Address” button. Complete and submit the form to add the address to your account. Additionally you will be presented with the option of adding an address during the checkout process

What is a default shipping address?

You may have specified more than one shipping address in your account information. The default shipping address is the address to which your order will be shipped unless you select another shipping address for this order. To select your default shipping address visit “My Account” then “Address Book.” From there click “Edit Address” on the address you would like to use, check the “Use as my default billing address” and/or “Use as my default shipping address” boxes and save the form.

Can I delete an address from my address list?

No. You cannot delete any address but you could change it by editing it.

How do I make changes to an address in my list?

Visit the “Address Book” section of My Account and click edit on the address you would like to update.

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placeholder_ribbons_03To ensure your ID card printer continues to run in top shape, you should only ever use the recommended products from the printer manufacture – this includes everything from ribbons to cleaning kits.

But with so many different ribbon types and sometimes confusing names, cleaning kits, blank cards, and more it can be difficult to find the specific items you need quickly and easily.

Our easy Supply Finder makes this process easy!

You only need to answer two questions to quickly see all the ribbons and supplies compatible with your specific printer. Select your printer brand from the drop down menu, and then your printer model – that’s all it takes!

Try the Supply Finder today.

370x370_system_basicpronto_didMagicard ID card printers come in a range of styles to fit any budget and card printing need – and DiscountID has all the supplies you need to keep printing with your Magicard printer.

Colored Magicard Ribbons

To print ID cards, you’ll need a colored Magicard ribbon. These ribbons come in all formats including full-color ribbons for single and dual-sided printing, half-panel ribbons, and monochrome ribbons.

Shop Magicard ribbons on DiscountID.

Magicard Laminates

Laminating your ID cards will make them last longer and deter card tampering – an important feature for many secure businesses. Overlamiante film comes in a range of styles, including clear and holographic prints.

Shop Magicard laminates on DiscountID.

Magicard Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your printer regularly is the key to making sure it works well for years to come. You should only use the manufacturer recommended cleaning kits for your printer to prevent damage to the printer.

Shop Magicard cleaning kits on DiscountID.

placeholder_ribbonsID card printers use colored ribbons to print your designs on cards, instead of the traditional ink cartridges. Knowing what those ribbon names means will make it easier to find the ribbons you need!

Y – Yellow

M – Magenta

C – Cyan

K – Black

O – Overlay

YMCKO – This standard ribbon is used to print most cards. Most commonly used for single-sided printers, this ribbon does full color on one side of a card. If you use it in a dual-sided printer you can print full color on both sides, but you’ll get half the ribbon yield.

YMCKOK – This is the standard ribbon for dual-sided printing. This style of ribbon will print full color on the front and monochrome black on the back.

There are also specialized ribbons used to print cards and designs beyond the normal colors.

F – Fluorescent, also called UV (only visible with a UV light)

T – Topcoat, also called Overlay

I – Inhibitor (prevents printing in a specific area of the card)

UV – Ultraviolet, also called Fluorescent (only visible with a UV light)

Shop all ID card printer ribbons on DiscountID.

did_enduro-3e_systemA complete ID card system comes with the basic materials you need to start a new ID card program, but do you know what all those parts are and why you need them? The DiscountID team is here to help!


The ID card printer is the key piece of your new card system – it’s what will print, encode, and laminate your cards. Card printers come in a wide range of styles from manufactures including Magicard, Datacard, or Fargo.

Shop all ID card printers on DiscountID.


Your ID card printer can only print cards – to design cards or manage a database, you’ll need card-specific software. This software is designed for use with ID card printers and blank cards, and allow you to do everything from add cardholder photos and names to encode multifunctional cards.

Shop all software on DiscountID.


You’ll need two main supplies to print your cards, a ribbon and blank cards. In addition, you’ll need a cleaning kit to clean and maintain your printer and prevent dust and dirt from building up and damaging your printer.

Shop all ribbons and blank cards on DiscountID.

did-quick-guide-to-handling-cardsID cards are the blank canvas of your ID card program, but did you know that how you handle them can have a huge impact on your print quality? Our ID experts have some quick tips to help you handle cards.

Card Storage

Keeping your cards protected from dust and other debris is the first step – any dust that’s on a card can potentially smudge or otherwise mess up your design. For best results, store your cards in the box in a clean, dry, air-tight environment.

Handle them ONLY by the Edges

In addition to dust, fingerprints can also cause printing problems – the oils on your fingers make it hard to print, so your fingerprints or smidges may show up! To avoid this, never touch the surface of your cards and only handle them by the edges as you load them into the printer hopper.

Wear Gloves

If you’re worried about getting the cards dirty or smudged, wearing gloves as you handle them is the best way to prevent accidentally touching them.

Shop all cards on DiscountID.

did-58-preprinted-awareness-lanyardOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and DiscountID is proud to be part of this effort with our line of awareness lanyards featuring the distinctive pink ribbon.

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer for women in the US with roughly 1 in 8 women developing cancer. Although cancer rates have gone down in recent years, it is still important to be aware of the risks. You can learn more from the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness Resources online.

With so many women as survivors, and the many family members and friends impacted, these awareness lanyards are a great way to show your support. Lanyards are already a popular ID accessory, and the switch to awareness lanyards for the month of October allows your ID card program to be part of the awareness campaign.

Shop awareness lanyards.

alphacard-id-suite-v11AlphaCard ID Suite, a leading card design and database software, recently launched the newest version of their software – get the newest software features, including Windows 10 compatibility!

What’s New in v11?

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 has many new features in addition to its Windows 10 compatibility. These include:
– Improved card design wizard
– Ability to copy, import & export card templates
– More design options including font weights
– Improved language translations
– Additional barcode functionality & ability to print high resolution barcodes
– Enhanced database functionality, including SQLite (Professional & Elite editions)
– Fully supported biometrics (Professional)
– Full Dymo label compatibility (Light)
– MIFARE DESFire improvements (Elite)
– Expanded contactless printer compatibility (Elite)

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 comes in all the editions you’ve come to rely on, from Light to Standard and Elite. In addition, the multi-user Business Server and Print Server editions were also updated with the AlphaCard ID Suite v11 product updates.

If you have a current version of AlphaCard ID Suite v10 your software will continue to work as normal – upgrading to v11 is optional, but takes only minutes and your current database and card designs will carry over to the new software. Contact DiscountID for more information.

Shop AlphaCard ID Suite v11 on DiscountID.

did-chevron-lanyardID card lanyards are a popular, useful tool for card programs – they make it easy to display employee or visitor badges for security, keep cards easily accessible for swiping at security points or access control systems, and can hold more than one badge or keys.

Standard Lanyards

If you need a solid, dependable lanyard that will display your ID cards, choose from these affordable standard lanyard options:
1/8” round braided lanyards
3/8” flat braided lanyards
3/8” flat ribbed lanyards
Lanyard/reel combos
Non-breakaway flat polyester lanyards
Non-breakaway 3/4” flat lanyards

Each of these lanyards comes in a wide variety of colors such as black, red, navy blue, or green.

Fashion Lanyards

If you want to use your lanyard to add some style and fun to the workday, choose an eye-catching fashion lanyards! Options include:
Chevron-print lanyards
Paint splatter print lanyards
Rhinestone lanyards
Neon lanyards

In addition to displaying your ID badge, these lanyards are a great update to a solid colored or black lanyard.

Specialized Lanyards

If you need a specific type of lanyard, there are many options for specialty lanyards including:
Sustainable bamboo lanyards
Printed “Safety First” lanyards
Awareness lanyards
Anti-microbial lanyards
100% recycled P.E.T. lanyards
Vinyl lanyards

And many, many more options. Lanyards are available in any style you could want, so shop all lanyards on DiscountID today!

did_fargo-hdp5600-singlesided-lam-mainNew from Fargo, the fifth generation of their HDP line of ID card printers is the Fargo HDP5600! This printer pairs the powerful reverse transfer printing technology with a 600 dpi printhead.

The Benefits of High Definition Printing

An optional upgrade for the HDP5600 is the powerful 600 dpi (dots per inch) printhead. Standard printers use a 300 dpi printhead, so upgrading allows you to print finer details than possible on most other ID card printers.

Some security features, including micro text and highly detailed images, also rely on the clear printing of a powerful printer like the HDP5600.

Please note, the printhead upgrade must be purchased when you order the printer and cannot be installed in the field.

Optional Upgrades

In addition to the 600 dpi printhead, you can also upgrade the printer to include dual-sided printing, lamination, dual-input hoppers, and magnetic stripe encoding.

Shop the Fargo HDP5600.