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Schools are more often requiring their students and staff to wear their ID cards to increase security, and having an easy way to display those cards is essential to successfully rolling out a new program.

ID Accessories for Students

Whether your students wear uniforms or casual clothes, lanyards are the easiest way to wear ID cards with any style of clothing.

Lanyards are worn around the neck, with many styles that help improve safety and security including lanyards with wide plastic hooks that keep ID cards facing out and breakaway lanyards that will spring open if the lanyard is grabbed or caught on something to prevent injuries.

ID Accessories for Teachers & Staff

Along with lanyards, ID badge reels are popular with teachers and school staff. Badge reels are easy to use with any clothing from casual to a uniform, but allow teachers and staff to move them around to more convenient placement than a lanyard which always hangs in front.

Reels have several attachment options, most commonly a belt clip that easily slides onto pockets or a swivel clip that attaches to any clothing. No-twist badge reels keep ID cards facing forward because they only fit together one way.

ID Accessories for Volunteers

For visitors who need to display temporary IDs, the best accessories are clip-on ID badge holders or ID badge strap clips.

Reusable badge holders, like those with clips or those with magnetic attachments, are easy to take on and off when visitors arrive and leave, and allow the school to reuse the holders throughout the school year without relying on an adhesive name badge that can easily fall off.

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Yes and no.  While technically you can snap your ID badge photo with a digital camera, it’s not recommended.  Our ID photo experts suggest investing in a webcam ID camera for capturing optimally sized images in seconds. The great thing about a webcam is that it automatically drops the image (at the correct size & resolution) directly into the card template without having to wait for it to download.  This will save you time — and ensure accuracy of cardholders’ photos — when printing large batches of cards.

Should you decide to use your digital camera after all, you’ll want the resolution set at 640 x 480.  It’s important to note that ID badge printers only print 300 dpi.  If you’re looking for a reliable webcam, we recommend the Logitech C270 Webcam ID Camera. Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8, the Logitech C270 produces exceptionally clear and identifiable images. The lightweight device is designed for long-term use so snap away!



newspaper_BLOG_DIDLast summer we reported on a new security measure taken by the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation department, when the required all youth sports coaches to undergo background checks and wear visible ID badges while working. Starting this summer, the Twin Falls School District is also stepping up their security measures to protect the city’s children.

This summer the school district will begin installing new security cameras and card readers at 13 campuses. All teachers and school administrators will have key cards to access the buildings, but during school hours only the front entrances will be usable by the public. This allows the school to monitor who is entering the buildings, an important step in ensuring student safety.

The district is making the switch to electronic key cards because they offer several important advantages over tradition keys, most importantly the fact that they can be remotely activated and deactivated. This means a stolen or lost key card can be turned off, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering the building.

At a cost of $1.3 million for all the upgrades, this is an expensive but necessary upgrade to the Twin Falls School District. Learn more the new security measures.

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Card Template Example


newspaper_BLOG_DIDStudent ID cards at Western Kentucky University are now connected to the Community Farmer’s Market, allowing students to shop for fresh produce at the weekly market using the Big Red Dollar program.

With the growing interest in local and sustainable food, students have been eager to learn more about farming and how markets can help support local growers. The program also gives students easier access to healthier foods than the typical college diet of fast food, so the students can make better choices.

To encourage students even more, the university has added the farmer’s market spending to their Double Dollar program. Now students can double their money for shopping at the market, giving students more flexibility and increased spending power each week when buying fresh fruits and vegetables with their student ID cards.

In recent years, ID card systems have been introduced at numerous schools and universities as a means to increase security and instill a safer environment for students iStock_000005882583XSmalland faculty.  Another college has jumped on the bandwagon by upgrading its key system to proximity & photo identification cards.  With the build-out of the ID card infrastructure underway, students at Macalester College can expect to use their new student identification cards for accessing residential halls and academic areas such as study rooms.

The program, estimated at around $400,000 will cover all Macalester students – resting at just over 2,000 undergraduates. As of right now, students are still using keys to access buildings and rooms, which has resulted in hundreds of lost keys that students have misplaced or left behind.  The ID badges fit perfectly inside a wall, which could possibly reduce the number of lost cards.  Macalester decision makers note that the new ID badge system makes it easy to keep spare cards on hand.  Moreover, the new system will be able to print out replacement cards swiftly so that students have ID cards with them at all times. As soon as an ID card goes missing, the University will also be able to deactivate the card as to prevent unauthorized access.

You can read the full story by visiting the Mac Weekly, the college’s student online newspaper.