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acids-free-trialAlphaCard ID Suite v11 ID card software is the newest version of the popular AlphaCard ID Suite software, full of new features and functionality. If you haven’t upgraded yet, why not check out the free  software trial!

The software is available in the same editions as before, from Light to Elite, and the free trial allows you to demo each version so you can identify the one that fits your business perfectly without spending any money. The demo software works the exact same as a full license.

Card software is the brain of your ID card system, storing all your cardholder information and program data. Finding the right software that you can efficiently print cards will make your system so much easier to use – and a free trial allows you to try out all editions worry-free.

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alphacard-id-suite-v11AlphaCard ID Suite, a leading card design and database software, recently launched the newest version of their software – get the newest software features, including Windows 10 compatibility!

What’s New in v11?

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 has many new features in addition to its Windows 10 compatibility. These include:
– Improved card design wizard
– Ability to copy, import & export card templates
– More design options including font weights
– Improved language translations
– Additional barcode functionality & ability to print high resolution barcodes
– Enhanced database functionality, including SQLite (Professional & Elite editions)
– Fully supported biometrics (Professional)
– Full Dymo label compatibility (Light)
– MIFARE DESFire improvements (Elite)
– Expanded contactless printer compatibility (Elite)

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 comes in all the editions you’ve come to rely on, from Light to Standard and Elite. In addition, the multi-user Business Server and Print Server editions were also updated with the AlphaCard ID Suite v11 product updates.

If you have a current version of AlphaCard ID Suite v10 your software will continue to work as normal – upgrading to v11 is optional, but takes only minutes and your current database and card designs will carry over to the new software. Contact DiscountID for more information.

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did_fargo-hdp5600-singlesided-lam-mainNew from Fargo, the fifth generation of their HDP line of ID card printers is the Fargo HDP5600! This printer pairs the powerful reverse transfer printing technology with a 600 dpi printhead.

The Benefits of High Definition Printing

An optional upgrade for the HDP5600 is the powerful 600 dpi (dots per inch) printhead. Standard printers use a 300 dpi printhead, so upgrading allows you to print finer details than possible on most other ID card printers.

Some security features, including micro text and highly detailed images, also rely on the clear printing of a powerful printer like the HDP5600.

Please note, the printhead upgrade must be purchased when you order the printer and cannot be installed in the field.

Optional Upgrades

In addition to the 600 dpi printhead, you can also upgrade the printer to include dual-sided printing, lamination, dual-input hoppers, and magnetic stripe encoding.

Shop the Fargo HDP5600.

fargo-dtc4250eIf you’re in the market for an extremely fast ID card printer so you can knock out large batches of cards, the new ID printers from Fargo are your printer solution!

Able to print single-sided full color cards in 16 seconds (and dual-sided cards in 24 seconds!), the new DTC1250e, DTC4250e, or DTC4500e bring new technology and print speeds to your ID card program. Available in single or dual-sided models, you can also upgrade your printer with magnetic stripe encoding, Ethernet connectivity, and even Wi-Fi.

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placeholder_cardsFor smart cards, you can’t beat the easy of magnetic stripe encoding. Most ID card printers have an optional magnetic stripe encoding module, and card design software makes it easy to add your data. But when adding magnetic stripe cards to your ID card program, do you know the difference between HiCo and LoCo cards?

LoCo cards, or low coercivity, have a magnetic stripe that is encoded with a lower strength magnetic field. This makes the cards ideal for short-term use, like hotel room keys which will be erased and re-encoded after every use.

HiCo cards, or high coercivity cards, have a stronger magnetic stripe. This allows the cards to hold data for longer periods of time, and also makes the data more secure. HiCo cards are best used for payment cards like college meal plans or ATM cards.

BlogImage_TempBadgeIf your building gets many visitors every day, expiring visitor ID badges are an easy way to track visitors as they come and go. Designed to visibly expire after 24 hours with solid red lines or other designs that appear on the card, the badges make it easy for security personnel to identify unauthorized visitors.

Some expiring visitor ID badges are designed to be reused, with an expiring sticker that’s placed on a durable plastic card. This allows you to keep reusing the plastic badges, keeping costs low. For schools looking for affordable visitor badges, there are also school-themed expiring badges for visitors, volunteers, substitute teachers, and students.

lohc2701_1_When using cardholder photos in your ID card designs, it’s important to have clear photos to make identifying the person easier. The new Logitech C270 Digital ID Camera makes taking clear ID card photos a snap with the new Fluid Crystal Technology.

Fluid Crystal Technology allows the Logitech C270 to capture crisper, true-to-life colors in your photos, preventing the image from being washed out or appearing faded. Your images will also be sharper and more detailed with the HD megapixel resolution. The camera features USB 2.0 connectivity, and works with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.

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ALPHACARDIDSOFTWARE_1AlphaCard ID Suite software has been added to our online store and all ID card systems! This new software is available in Light, Standard, Professional, and Elite editions and brings new user friendly design features and database management options to your ID card program.

Available in either single license editions or multi-license business editions, AlphaCard ID suite is specially designed for business users. The Standard Edition makes it easy to include signatures in your card designs, while the Elite Edition can do advanced MIFARE encoding. All editions include a easy card design guide and several pre-designed card templates.

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did_zebra-zxp_large-2Perfect for small businesses and organizations alike, the compact Zebra ZXP Series 1 single-sided printer delivers smooth, edge-to-edge ID cards with ease and fast speed.  Forget the white borders that are visible on many ID cards; the Series 1 printer produces flawless, total coverage from one side to the other without the pesky border.

If you’ve got a small number of cards to print, but still want the cards to have a high-quality appearance, then this may be the right printer for you. Its lower-volume hopper and hand feed option makes this printer a true fit for small-scale applications. Here’s a rundown of some of the many features inherent to the Series 1 printer:

~ 100 card input hopper, 50 card output hopper

~ Includes Zebra’s new Print Touch component

~ Hand feed option for easy one-off printing

~ Easy to use Load-N-Go printer ribbons

~ ENERGY STAR certified

~ Optional magnetic stripe encoder & Ethernet connectivity

Want to learn more? Visit our Zebra Series 1 ID Printer page or speak to one our helpful ID card specialists to get you up and running in no time!

enzxp71-s_zebra-zxp-series-7-single-sided-printer_1If your organization needs to quickly print large numbers of ID cards, Zebra’s new ZXP Series 7 printers may be right for you! The ZXP Series 7 comes in both single-sided and dual-sided models, with optional lamination and encoding modules.

The ZXP Series 7’s fast print speed comes from its unique design—the printer can print, laminate, and encode a card all in one pass. The printers can also handle multiple print jobs at once, laminating one card while it starts printing the next card.

Most importantly for growing businesses, the printer can be modified as you need new features. Upgrade from single-sided printing to dual-sided printing, and add lamination, with easy in-field upgrades.

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