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newspaper_BLOG_DIDSchools in Cincinnati’s largest public school district are trying out a new card technology to help parents and schools keep track of children. When students get on or off the school bus they swipe an ID card with an RFID chip, and a computer program instantly texts the child’s parents. This new ZPass program can also be used to track and report on bus rider numbers, traffic problems, and missing children.

Other schools around the country are also implementing new ID card programs with RFID chips for everything from checking out library books and buying lunch to tracking attendance and student locations within school buildings.

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With the new school year, Montgomery High School in California has decided to improve security on campus by requiring all students and staff to wear visible school ID cards. Because the campus is open, it is easy to non-students and staff to walk into buildings; the new ID policy will make it easy to instantly identify if someone belongs on school grounds.

School safety is a top priority, but many schools cannot afford to completely update an existing security system. Requiring visible ID cards, often displayed with lanyards or badge reels, offers schools an easy and affordable way to improve security while developing other plans.

“It’s a fine line between creating a welcoming, nurturing environment and creating a fortress and the message that sends to students,” said Superintendent Socorro Shields.

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newspaper_BLOG_DIDAs schools and universities begin to rely on the multifunctional uses for student ID cards for everything from tracking attendance to checking a book out from the library and buying lunch, it becomes more important that you have one unified system that can track all the data. At Tufts University in Medford, MA, students will be getting new cards this fall for just that purpose.

The new iSIS, or Integrated Student Information System, used by offices all over campus will be introduced with the new ID cards. The new system will make it easier to pull up student information with their ID number.  This will help staff at the university be more informed, improving services to all students.

New students attending Tufts this fall will get the new cards as part of registration, while returning students will be required to turn in their old ID card to receive the new one.

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newspaper_BLOG_DIDWith 30 buildings and 15,000 students to supervise, the Dayton Public School System in Ohio works hard to ensure students are safe while attending classes. A school ID system using the Fargo DTC4500 ID card printer now attempts to solve both problems by tracking student attendance.

The Dayton school system’s new ID cards have streamlined the system for checking in tardy students by automatically printing a hall pass when the student’s ID card is scanned by the office, instead of requiring office aids to handwrite the passes. The new system also allows the schools to keep a much more accurate record of which students are currently in the building for emergency situations.

Accessing the multifunctional power of ID cards, the student IDs are also being used as library cards and lunch payment cards.

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Resolute Health, a healthcare company located in Texas, has just launched a new health security smart card program that helps facilitate patient registration and stores important patient data.

The Resolute Health BeneFIT smart card automates the registration process. Using the card, patients can check into the Resolute Health Center for Wellbeing or the Resolute Health Family Urgent Care Center and be accurately identified. The card authenticates a patient’s ID when they check-in and pulls up the correct medical card.

When the patients are signed in, they will be automatically checked in at different registration points throughout the center, which allows Resolute Health to institute a paperless registration process. This decreases patient wait times by streamlining the entire process.

Not only does the new system match the correct medical records to the patient, the new smart cards are also designed to be useful should an emergency situation occur. Using the smart card first responders can pull up critical patient information such as prescriptions and medical history. That important information can be sent to the ER ahead of the patient to help the emergency staff prepare for the patient’s arrival.

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Starting this summer, the University of Arizona will start issuing new student CatCards to incoming freshman. The cards featuring a new style of smart card chip that allows students to “tap and go” instead of swiping magnetic stripes, making the cards more durable and secure.

Current CatCards allow students to enter buildings on campus, pay for meal plans, and store student data. The new cards will add several new functions, including student voting and e-tickets. Existing students can pay $25 to upgrade their existing student ID cards, although it is not required to get around campus. Designing a student ID that can pay for lunch, unlock a dorm building, and vote in student elections allows students to streamline their wallets because only one card is required for many daily actions.

Students at the University of Arizona were also encouraged to vote on the new card design. Three looks were presented based on the Arizona state flag, the desert mountains, and the school mascot Wilbur the Wildcat.

New contactless payment options have been introduced in London’s popular O2 Arena to help alleviate long lines. This new option, used at more than 250 payment terminals across the arena, is designed to help visitors make small purchases quickly without the hassle of waiting in line.

Before creating the new payment system, O2 did some important research. They found that 75% of electronic transactions (those made with a credit or debit card) at concession stands were under £15. Those purchases commonly include drinks at bars and restaurants, merchandise, and parking. By allowing purchases that cost under £15 to be completed with a simple tap of a smart card, the long lines common to the busy arena may be a thing of the past.

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New York University is updating their old swipe machines to more secure electronic card readers. This move, along with new student ID cards, is helping the university to provide increased safety and convenience to students and staff.

With the old system, students were required to swipe the magnetic stripe on their ID cards to enter buildings. The new security program started this summer when the university announced they would issue new smart cards to students. Now students can use their new contactless smart cards to gain access with a simple wave of the card. The new card readers have been installed in several buildings across campus, and will soon be installed in all buildings. Even the international campus buildings, including those in Abu Dhabi and Florence, have been updated with the new technology.

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At Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania, students and staff are saving money and time with a new print management system. The system, which included new printers, software, and ID card functionality, reduced the total number of printers from 565 to just 80 and cut unnecessary printing by 30 percent.

The new multifunctional printers are designed to work with student and staff ID cards. When a user sends a print job to the queue, it is held there until the user authorizes the print. By swiping their ID card at the print station, users are able to see all pending documents and delete any unnecessary or duplicate prints. With this reduction in printing, the school has also been able to decrease the price of each black and white or color document.  By tying the printers to users’ ID cards, documents are kept safe from accidental deletion by other users or mistakenly being thrown out. Students and staff can easily load more print credits onto their cards on two cash-to-card devices on campus.

Mercyhurst’s new print system saves students money and allows them to work wirelessly from any computer or laptop on campus with the swipe of a card. These multipurpose ID cards have benefits all over the small campus, and are used for meal plans and dorm access along with printing credits. has a wide range of systems available for schools. Shop ID Card Systems today.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has taken steps to make the campus more pedestrian and bike friendly by creating a bike sharing system. These stations allow students to easily borrow bikes with the swipe of an ID card, creating a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Two bike stations have been set up on the campus featuring both standard and electric bikes. Electric bikes use a small battery that powers the bike up steep hills when peddling may be difficult, and students use their IDs to check out new batteries. The twenty bikes are currently available through automated self check-out stations that allow students to check-out and return bikes at their convenience.

The program is made possible using magnetic stripe encoding technology. When a student swipes an ID card, the student number is checked against a database of students enrolled in the bike share program. If you’re looking to create a similar system on your campus, offers many ID card systems to help schools manage their student programs.