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Starting this month, students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will be switching over from magnetic stripe cards to contactless chip smart cards! These cards are popular with schools because of their use as multifunctioanl IDs and their long lifespan.

Benefits of Contactless Cards

One important feature of the new 49er ID cards are their longer lifespans! Magnetic stripe cards need to be physically swiped each time they are used, and constantly taking cards in and out of wallets and swiping them can cause a lot of wear and tear over time.

Chip cards, however, do not need to physically be run through a card reader to work – simply tap them against a card reader. This saves the university and students time and money by not replacing ID cards as often.

Additionally, the 49er ID cards will now be printed with a clear overlay to extend the card life even more.

The new cards are made from ISO-compliant materials, so they can still be printed on using an ID card printer.

Learn more about the new cards on the UNC Charlotte website.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDUsing a new bond, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston has upgraded an old ID system to a faster, streamlined RFID system district-wide. The new cards are currently in place on over half the school campuses, and are helping streamline school services in two key ways.

Busses & Transportation

The school district busses 78,000 students per day – with the new RFID cards the system will automatically update when a student enters and exits the bus by scanning those cards. This allows the school to gather exact data on how and when students are using the busses so they can better design their bus system.

Additionally, it lets the school and parents know instantly if a student gets on the bus in the morning, and gets off the bus at the correct stop.

Shorter Lines

The previous system required users to enter a six-digit code to access their student accounts to pay for lunch or check out materials in the library. The new cards are much faster, speeding up lines and reducing wasted time.

Learn more about the new student ID cards at the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDMultifunctional cards are a great option for getting the most value and use from your ID cards – a single card can replace what would have once been multiple cards, passes, or keys, especially on college campuses. Student and staff ID cards are used for everything from meal plans in the cafeteria to printers in the copy center. And now students at Cleveland State University can use their ID cards to get into the library late at night.

The university’s library is open until midnight, yet library staff noticed there was a sharp decline in student patrons at night. The late library hours were picked specifically to help night-owl students, so they were curious why so few took advantage of it.

After polling the students, a surprising answer came back – students felt there wasn’t enough security that late at night! So the school quickly took action to make the library more secure using an asset they already had on hand, the student ID cards.

Going forward, the library is limited to students and staff after 8pm (the rest of the time the library is also open to the public) by requiring everyone who enters to scan their ID cards to unlock the doors. This change has also helped the library increase the services they offer at night, because they can focus exclusively on the student’s needs.

Learn more about this exciting use of multifunctional ID cards on The Cauldron website.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDTo protect minors from harmful products, such as alcohol, tobacco, or fireworks, many countries put age restrictions on them and require stores to card anyone who looks below a certain age, say 25. But how can we ensure minors have proper ID cards?

Starting in 2011, London’s Trading Standards and Public Health Department created a program to issue Proof of Age London (PAL) cards to all 17 and 18 year old students. The initial program offered the cards for free, and will charge for cards going forward. These cards are designed to comply with the countries Proof of Age Standards Scheme, founded in 2001.

The PASS program utilizes 17 card providers around the country to print authorized ID cards. Each card is printed with a unique hologram to make them easy to identify and hard to illegally duplicate.

These cards provide benefits to both students and store owners – students get an ID card, and stores can card customers to ensure minors don’t access restricted items.

Here in the United States, many students use their driver’s license or permit as proof of their age. If your child doesn’t have a driver’s license, he or she can get a government-issued ID card instead. It may seem like a pain when you’re a teen to deal with these cards, but protecting minors is worth the hassle.

Learn more on the CR80News site.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDLast summer we reported on a new security measure taken by the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation department, when the required all youth sports coaches to undergo background checks and wear visible ID badges while working. Starting this summer, the Twin Falls School District is also stepping up their security measures to protect the city’s children.

This summer the school district will begin installing new security cameras and card readers at 13 campuses. All teachers and school administrators will have key cards to access the buildings, but during school hours only the front entrances will be usable by the public. This allows the school to monitor who is entering the buildings, an important step in ensuring student safety.

The district is making the switch to electronic key cards because they offer several important advantages over tradition keys, most importantly the fact that they can be remotely activated and deactivated. This means a stolen or lost key card can be turned off, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering the building.

At a cost of $1.3 million for all the upgrades, this is an expensive but necessary upgrade to the Twin Falls School District. Learn more the new security measures.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDStudent ID cards at Western Kentucky University are now connected to the Community Farmer’s Market, allowing students to shop for fresh produce at the weekly market using the Big Red Dollar program.

With the growing interest in local and sustainable food, students have been eager to learn more about farming and how markets can help support local growers. The program also gives students easier access to healthier foods than the typical college diet of fast food, so the students can make better choices.

To encourage students even more, the university has added the farmer’s market spending to their Double Dollar program. Now students can double their money for shopping at the market, giving students more flexibility and increased spending power each week when buying fresh fruits and vegetables with their student ID cards.

Twin Falls, Idaho is now a safer place for youth sports, as coaches are required to don visible ID badges while out on the field.   Twin Falls Park and Recreation implemented the change in safety to become effective this year, demonstrating the department’s commitment to protecting children who participate in youth sports.  After coaches pass an extensive background check, they’re then given a badge to display so that youth participants and their parents know the coach is permitted to be on the field. We think this is a smart idea!

sports balls

In recent years, ID card systems have been introduced at numerous schools and universities as a means to increase security and instill a safer environment for students iStock_000005882583XSmalland faculty.  Another college has jumped on the bandwagon by upgrading its key system to proximity & photo identification cards.  With the build-out of the ID card infrastructure underway, students at Macalester College can expect to use their new student identification cards for accessing residential halls and academic areas such as study rooms.

The program, estimated at around $400,000 will cover all Macalester students – resting at just over 2,000 undergraduates. As of right now, students are still using keys to access buildings and rooms, which has resulted in hundreds of lost keys that students have misplaced or left behind.  The ID badges fit perfectly inside a wall, which could possibly reduce the number of lost cards.  Macalester decision makers note that the new ID badge system makes it easy to keep spare cards on hand.  Moreover, the new system will be able to print out replacement cards swiftly so that students have ID cards with them at all times. As soon as an ID card goes missing, the University will also be able to deactivate the card as to prevent unauthorized access.

You can read the full story by visiting the Mac Weekly, the college’s student online newspaper.

newspaper_BLOG_DIDActive Minds, a student organization at the University of Oregon focused on awareness for mental health, is petitioning the school to update their student ID cards to include important student service phone numbers printed on the back.

Most student ID cards on college campuses include a photo and class year along with the university logo, but the back of the cards is often left blank or has a location to drop off lost and found cards. Active Minds believes this space can be better used by ensuring any student in need has the resources he or she needs to get help.

Printing student ID cards is a large task, so for now the petition is only asking that all new cards be printed with the information. If your school or organization is interested in including vital information like support line phone numbers in your card designs, contact one of our ID card experts today!

Curious as to how ID badges have changed over over time? A gallery exhibit in early February 2014 featured roughly 250 vintage employee ID badges from industrial U.S. workers, highlighting the evolution of the ID badges and ID portraits between the 1930s and 1950s.

You can see example images of vintage ID cards here.

ancient card

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